CIDM Information Management News April 2010: Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

CIDM Conferences


CMS/DITA North America Conference 2010
April 19-21, 2010
Santa Clara, California

Best Practices Conference 2010
September 13-15, 2010
Hampton, Virginia


Upcoming Workshops


DITA Getting Started
May 5-6, 2010
Westminster, Colorado
In this workshop, you learn that DITA is a standard for authoring topic-based technical information, that using DITA provides significant business advantages, and that you can get started immediately with the DITA Open Toolkit.


DITA Boot Camp
May 10-14, 2010
San Jose, California
This workshop covers the concepts needed to move to DITA successfully. The Boot Camp takes you from the DITA Basics to the skills you'll need to create a specific standard for your industry and your content.


Developing Quality Documentation in an Agile Environment
May 19-20, 2010
San Diego, California
This workshop focuses on the Scrum Agile methodology and how documentation departments can adjust to this high-speed development environment. Managers and individual contributors attending this workshop will come away with a firm understanding of the Scrum process and how documentation can effectively engage in the process for both engineering and documentation-centric projects.


Minimalism: Creating Manuals People Can Use
July 13-14, 2010
Boulder, Colorado
Minimalism is the first step to creating user friendly content that is fully structured. It is designed for anyone faced with manuals that users complain are too big and too detailed—or that aren'’t used at all


For more information on these and other workshops, visit the JoAnn Hackos Workshop Series web site.

Host a Workshop

Organizations that host a workshop in the JoAnn Hackos Workshop Series receive four registrations for the price of one. Find out how to become a host.


Recorded Webinars


XML Webinar Series—Session 4
Publishing XML to PDF and the Web Using the Same Style Sheet

Presented by: Hal Trent & Frank Miller, Comtech Services

In this webinar Hal and Frank will review the CSS 3 specification, and demonstrate how documentation groups can design a CSS 3 style sheet to accommodate both print and web requirements using publishing engines like Antenna House. In addition, Hal and Frank will review upcoming technologies that will improve consistent PDF and web output.

To listen to this recorded webinar click here!

Content for Tomorrow: Social Media and the Dilemma for Content Teams

Presented by: Alex Blanton of Microsoft Corporation

Social networking, social media, and other Web 2.0 technologies have changed the way that companies communicate to and exchange information with their customers. What experiments and big bets are content teams making to embrace these changes? Are we falling behind, leaping ahead, or just trying to keep stride with the complex possibilities we offer? This session provides ideas, guidance, and insights into how Microsoft and other web properties, user assistance, and information and publishing efforts are being designed to connect with customers in this new world.

To listen to this recorded webinar click here!

How Effective Use of Metadata and the Resource Description Framework (RDF) Can Be an Answer to Your DITA Nightmares

Presented by: Frank Shipley of Componize Software

In this webinar, you will see how the effective use of metadata along with existing standards such as the Resource Description Framework (RDF) can be an answer to the challenges of moving to DITA. With metadata and RDF, those nasty nightmares will go away, indeed they may well be the answer to all of your DITA dreams!

To listen to this recorded webinar click here!

Structured Publishing with an Open Source CMS

Presented by: Peter Dykstra of MetaphorX LLC

In this webinar, Peter Dykstra reviews why to use a Content Management System for technical publishing, why to consider open source, and how to use the open source Daisy CMS to support a topic-based information architecture for html and pdf book publishing.

To listen to this recorded webinar click here!

Planning Collaborative Work so that Teams Remain Efficient

Presented by: Charlotte Robidoux & Bobbi Gibson of Hewlett-Packard Company

Is the refrain, "Who has time to plan?" familiar in your organization? Do authors maintain that working on their own is the only surefire way to be efficient? Do they claim that working in XML takes more time? Struggling with writers over project planning and coordinating activities is not a new problem. Nor is it unusual to hear protests about authoring tools. Documentation managers are all too familiar with authors skipping the planning process, owning complete documents, and detecting flaws in the tools. But single sourcing complexities only invigorate these struggles. From information modeling and metadata to figuring out how to map, share, and optimize content, single sourcing fundamentals—both planning and collaborating—can add overhead to projects. Despite apparent inefficiencies, effective planning and collaborating can optimize reuse and impact ROI. This session provides various approaches to effective planning and collaborating to ensure reuse efficiency.

To listen to this recorded webinar click here!

XML Webinar Series: Transforming XML—Understanding the Mechanisms Used to Conditionally Process and Transform Your Documents

Presented by: Hal Trent & Frank Miller of Comtech Services

In the third installation of the XML series, you are shown the importance of XML tagging in creating audience specific documentation in a cost effective environment. We will discuss a series of use cases where XML tagging has played an important role in meeting timely deadlines by just having your information structured in XML.

To listen to this recorded webinar click here!

XML Webinar Series
Listen to both recorded webinars for only $125

Presented by: Hal Trent of Comtech Services

In the first of two webinars in this XML series, you get a high-level overview of the different pieces that comprise an XML document. You will be introduced to the building blocks of XML: elements, attributes, DTDs, and schemas. This webinar will prepare you for the second webinar in the series, Publishing XML (Understanding what happens when you produce a final document).

In the second of two webinars in this XML series, you are introduced to the transforms and stylesheets necessary to publish XML documents. You will gain the technical knowledge necessary to structure and style XML content for delivery to HTML and PDF. The Oxygen 10.2 editor will be used for demonstrations throughout the webinar. Each participant will receive the XSL-FO style sheet for PDF output and XHTML style sheet for web out used in the demonstration. The style sheets can be used by the participants in the Oxygen 10.2 DITA-OT or in the DITA OT downloaded from source forge.

To listen to this recorded webinar click here!

Getting Your DITA Project Started

Presented by: JoAnn Hackos of Comtech Services and Bill Gamboa of Vasont Systems

Your content management system is nearly up and running. You've created project folders and instituted naming conventions for your DITA topics. You are ready to begin a Pilot Project but you don't know where to start. In this webinar, Dr. JoAnn Hackos, leading expert on topic-based authoring and DITA, leads you through two critical steps to a successful DITA project.

To listen to this recorded webinar click here!

Strategic Content is Good for Business: How DITA and SharePoint Work Together for Information Sharing

Presented by: JoAnn Hackos of Comtech Services and Su-Laine Yeo of JustSystems

The goal of better-managed content is now much easier to achieve ... even on constrained budgets. DITA (the Darwin Information Typing Architecture standard) is rapidly being adopted as a proven foundation for content. And Microsoft SharePoint has made basic content management features accessible to hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide. Whether you're in HR, legal, marketing or other departments, this webinar will teach you to leverage DITA and SharePoint for cost-effective information sharing.

To listen to this recorded webinar click here!

Your Terminology is Your Brand: Keep it Consistent and Under Control

Presented by: JoAnn Hackos of Comtech Services and Sophie Hurst of SDL

You will learn how misusing terminology in your source content can have a dramatically negative impact on both your translations and your company’s brand. JoAnn and Sophie will also discuss the importance of terminology management throughout your organization in support of potential of automated translation.

To listen to this recorded webinar click here!

Vasont Webinar: Translation Roundup: Ways to Better Manage Your Global Content

Presented by: Nic McMahon of Lionbridge and Bill Gamboa of Vasont Systems

Vasont Systems and Lionbridge team up to provide ways to corral your content for more consistent content delivery and efficient translation management. Recorded July 20, 2009, 1pm Eastern.

To listen to this recorded webinar click here!


Other Events


Globalization Conference
April 14, 2010
Seattle, Washington

Lisa Forum USA
April 13-16, 2010
San Francisco Bay Area, California

CMS/DITA North America Conference 2010
April 19-21, 2010
Santa Clara, California

Tech Comm Summit 2010
May 2-5, 2010
Dallas, Texas

Mark Logic User Conference
May 4-6, 2010
San Francisco, California

aQuatic International Conference
May 10-12, 2010
San Jose, California

SDL Localization Best Practices Seminar
May 12, 2010
Toronto, Canada

ASTD 2010 International Conference & Exposition
May 16-19, 2010
Chicago, Illinois

ATA e-Business Forum
May 17-19, 2010
Seattle, Washington

International Technical Translation Conference
May 28-29, 2010
Lisbon, Portugal

PTC/USer World Event 2010
June 6-9, 2010
Orlando, Florida

June 9-10, 2010
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Best Practices Conference 2010
September 13-15, 2010
Hampton, Virginia

2010 1st International XLIFF Symposium
September 22, 2010
Limerick, Ireland

acrolinx User Conference
October 14-15, 2010
Karlsruhe, Germnay

International Multiconference on Computer Science and Information Technology
October 18-20, 2010
Wisla, Poland

tcworld Conference 2010
November 3-5, 2010
Wiesbaden, Germany

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