The Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM) brings together the most highly skilled and talented managers in the field of information development from across the US and internationally to facilitate the sharing of information about current trends, best practices, and developments within the industry, from information development to training and support. 

Comtech Services manages CIDM with the help of the Advisory Council, a select group of members.

Dawn Stevens

CIDM and Comtech Services

Dawn Stevens, is CIDM’s Director and President of Comtech Services. She has 30 years of practical experience in virtually every role within a documentation and training department, including project management, instructional design, writing, editing, and multimedia programming.

Rebekka Andersen

University of California, Davis

Rebekka Andersen is an associate professor in the University Writing Program at the University of California, Davis, specializing in professional and technical communication. She serves on the CIDM Advisory Council, as an associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, and on the review board of several journals in the field. 

Laura Bellamy


Laura Bellamy is the Director of Content Strategy & Operations at VMware. She leads a global team of content professionals who are focused on addressing cross-divisional content challenges. She is a co-author of the book DITA Best Practices.

Christopher Gales


Christopher is the Director of Documentation for Splunk. He has been involved with CIDM since 1999. Chris has 20 years of experience managing information development for end-user, enterprise, and developer audiences, in companies of all sizes.

Joe Gollner

Gnostyx Research

Joe is the Managing Director of Gnostyx Research, a company he founded to help organizations to leverage content technologies to achieve sustainable business benefits. Over the last 25 years, he has led over 100 content management initiatives in a wide variety of industries.

Palmer Pearson


Palmer has earned a degree in both English and Electronic Engineering. Initially working as an R&D designer, he made the switch into technical publications early in his career to “have fun.” His main concentration of late is searching for innovative methods of sharing technical information.

Deb Roemer

Amazon Web Services

Deb Roemer is a Manager at AWS and has 20+ years’ experience leading information development and training teams across NA, Europe, China, and India. She enjoys bringing skilled technical writers into software engineering teams, improving quality, speed, and productivity.