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Can I use it? Get started with web accessibility

Desiree Livermon, Genesys
November 15, 2019

What do you think of when you hear the word “accessibility”? For many people, it evokes images of wheelchair ramps, automatic doors, and maybe some braille in the elevator. For content developers, it mostly makes us think of screen readers. But there is more to accessibility than a robotic voice parroting the words you have written. […]

VMware’s Quality Campaign

Jane Wilson, VMware
November 1, 2019

It’s always frustrating to hear about our deliverables, “The documentation is bad.” Beyond the fact that it’s negative, that simple statement is not actionable. There are no specifics about what part of the documentation is “bad,” much less what’s wrong with it or what “bad” means. Follow-up questions might lead to a little more detail: “I just hear it’s bad,” or “A customer told me it’s bad.” Obviously, this is not helpful in trying to address, much less fix, the problem. […]

The Outside-In approach to information development and CX

Theodore Wolff, Danfoss
October 15, 2019

A few weeks ago, I spent three increasingly frustrating hours assembling a new TV stand with one of those fancy mounting stands on the back of it. I started the evening full of hope that I would soon have a new, safer way to display our TV and reduce the danger to our two-year-old son. Best of all, the conditions were perfect. Our son was away that evening, as well as our two dogs. […]

Writing Effective User Stories for Technical Communicators

Mary Dickens, Cengage
October 1, 2019

Technical communicators are often called upon to support multiple development teams; it’s rare for every team to have a dedicated Technical Communicator (TC). To deal with this, writers on a high-functioning TC team need to be able to take on stories for sometimes unfamiliar products and technologies, avoiding silos of expertise in favor of flexibility. Inadequate user story writing leads to confusion and delays work completion. […]

How Did the Best Practices Conference Measure Up?

Kathy Madison, Comtech Services
October 1, 2019

All things associated with measurement was the theme of this year’s Best Practices conference last month in Austin, Texas.  Doug Hubbard, the keynote, kicked off the conference by challenging us to rethink our perceptions of the concept of measurement, the object of measurement and the method of measurement.  He started by defining measurement as an expressed reduction in uncertainty based on observation. […]

Adapting Repair Procedures to Augmented Reality Experiences

Patti Lutsky, PTC
September 1, 2019

Many companies are looking to repurpose their existing textual repair procedures into an augmented-reality format.  If they have the CAD data for the equipment, then a tool like PTC’s Creo Illustrate can be used to create input sequences that are based on the CAD data.  But what about the textual aspects of the AR?  […]

UX Trends: 5 Predictions that Users will Love

Rilind Elezaj, Day Translations, Inc.
September 1, 2019

User Experience is a pretty huge deal in design. This is why predicting and anticipating what we can expect is not only popular but also quite smart. Here are 5 predictions of what users will love in UX in 2019, based on existing patterns and market data. […]

iiRDS: A Standard for Intelligent Content

Mark Schubert & Ulrike Parson, parson AG
August 15, 2019

Intelligent content has been a buzzword for quite a while now. It is a promise to deliver all the content you need at the right time. For example, you’re a service technician going to maintain that PrettyBigMachine, you’ll need the maintenance instructions for all the components that are up for scheduled maintenance, plus a list of required tools and the time you will need for your work. […]