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November 15, 2021 

Fluid Topics turns your technical content into engaging user experiences.

The technical documentation every company owns is a major reserve of business opportunity. From user enablement and product adoption to customer success, product content has the power to achieve the most critical company goals.

As the leading Content Delivery Platform for technical documentation, Fluid Topics transforms your existing content into compelling content experiences that effectively engage users and enhance operational efficiency. From software and electronics companies to hardware and equipment manufacturers, Fluid Topics supports tech organizations around the world in optimizing their content operations and making the most out of their tech doc.

Our Content Delivery Platform

Fluid Topics’ Dynamic Content Delivery Platform (CDP) is a software solution that collects and unifies all types of documentation, no matter the initial source and format, and then feeds the relevant content to any digital channel, device, and application, in context with the users’ needs and environment.

Info graphic of a collection of file formats on the left and a process box in the middle and images of computer users on the right

Our CDP is designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure and tools to enable dynamic publishing without disrupting the company’s writing process. Say goodbye to pre-generated HTML pages and rigid formats and hello to Content as a Service.

How We Change The Game

To transform your technical documentation into a personalized content experience, we have built a set of powerful features.

Integration from any source and in any format: Fluid Topics integrates all your technical content from any source and in any format. With ready-to-use integrations with authoring tools and CCMS such as Oxygen XML Editor, Author-IT, Componize, Ixiasoft, and more, our solution connects to your existing writing systems and publishes your product and technical documentation seamlessly. Fluid Topics also offers APIs and SDKs to build bespoke connectors for proprietary data sources.

When it comes to unstructured content, Fluid Topics doesn’t stop at full-text indexing. We restructure common formats such as Word, HTML, Wiki markup, in order to provide the same content experience across the board.

Powerful search: “When people look for something specific, they end up in the right location right away.” said Sophie McMonagle, Senior Technical Writer and Portal Product Owner at Napatech about our search engine.

Our cutting-edge search technology leverages NLP and advanced ranking algorithms that draw on hundreds of parameters and ensure that users find exactly what they are looking for. It offers the most relevant search results for 23 languages in a flash, with advanced features like faceted search, keyword highlighting, synonyms, misspellings, search result clustering, and more.

Readable and responsive: Fluid Topics gives you an easy and smooth reading experience in any situation and on any device, and serves multimedia content such as images, audio, video, 2D or 3D vector graphics as easily as text. Our technology automatically adapts its interface and any content to the size of the device. Whether it’s a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, or AR-VR goggles, the user experience is always optimized and truly native.

Photo of a computer screen, a phone screen and a table screen - all showing the same information displayed slightly differently to accommodate the screen size differences.

Our web interface provides intelligent search filters, content preview on results pages, and an embedded reader that gives you direct access to the right content without navigating back and forth to different pages.

Accessible anywhere: Security rules, remote areas, or degraded internet connection can significantly restrict access to your documentation. With our offline mode, it’s easy to make your technical content available for authorized users under any circumstances. Easily manage collections of documents that can be read offline, by synchronizing everything on your device.

Interactivity: Give your users access to a host of features that allow them to interact with content and provide feedback, and collaboratively build a successful content experience for all. Users get the possibility to:

  • Bookmark their favorite content
  • Save searches and create content alerts
  • Design their own personal books
  • Rate the documentation and provide feedback

Data-driven insights: Fluid Topics Analytics are designed from the ground up to optimize authoring and improve user experience. We capture every user interaction with high levels of detail and deep context. You’ll see what content was viewed down to the topic level, and for how long, every keyword search, selected facet, most popular searches and searches with no results, and much more.

Identify content gaps, evaluate the alignment of the documentation with the users’ needs and prioritize content work on assets that will be truly useful to your users, thanks to the relevant insights. Drive your content activity with meaningful information and offer a better customer service by leveraging dedicated content Analytics.

Application areas

Technology companies understand that digital transformation is the key to remaining attractive and competitive. That’s where Fluid Topics comes in.

Product and Technical Documentation
With our fully collaborative cloud-based platform, organizations can streamline their publishing process, ensure a consistent user experience across all product information, and embrace Content as a Service without disrupting their writing process.

Fluid Topics enables companies to rapidly and dynamically publish product and technical content to all digital channels. No matter the source or the format, no matter whether it is structured or unstructured, content is processed, enriched, and unified into a central knowledge hub to make it consistently accessible.

Tech doc teams can publish content automatically as soon as it’s approved and as often as needed, and save hours of tedious document formatting as our software solution securely serves all fresh content in just one click. By connecting in real-time to the sources of information, Fluid Topics keeps the documentation live and accurate on the user side at any time.

Customer Service
With Fluid Topics, give your customers accurate, up-to-date, and personalized information, right where they are, whether that’s inside a chatbot, on your website, in your support channels, or even in community portals such as Salesforce. Leave the 1,000-page PDF manual behind and get your users to find their answers fast with efficient information self-service.

Empower your support teams with rapid, intuitive access to all the product information they need and save them the pain to navigate across information silos. Integrate technical documentation to their helpdesk tool and cut your employee’s search time.

Fluid Topics also helps you track and analyze each user interaction within your documentation to better prepare your agents for the most complex questions. Delight your users with informed support and achieve faster resolution times.

Field Services
In an increasingly digital world, Fluid Topics provides field technicians with an easy-to-use solution that gives them reliable product information readable on any device, and always accessible, internet connection or not. They can quickly search and find the relevant information from their central knowledge hub. The contextual AI-powered search results they get mean they can be sure that the answers are not only right but also fit for purpose, matching the exact configuration of the machine or device requiring service.

With on-the-job instructions that are always up to date and adapted to their needs, they can efficiently address and resolve the most complex issues, meeting their SLAs and increasing customer satisfaction.

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