Heretto Logo - Letter H is capatilized and colorful - rest of letters are lower case in dark blueTim Ludwig
September 1, 2021

You may remember us as easyDITA, but we’re Heretto now. Here’s the how, why, and what of that change.

The original mission of easyDITA was to harness the power of structured content to improve technical communication. Years down the road, we did that.

But, why stop there?

As stewards of structured content, we’ve been called to make an impact beyond just technical communication. Our mission is expanded now, grown up a bit to encompass all knowledge content.

You can check out the rebranding letter from Patrick Bosek, Heretto’s CEO and Co-Founder, here.

Heretto is ContentOps for Knowledge Management

More than just a jumble of buzzwords, we’re here to change how organizations approach their content. ContentOps for Knowledge Management is where people, process, and automation meet to make content development a faster, better-organized digital-first experience from deliberation to delivery of knowledge. We’re here to deliver solutions that spearhead this mission.

Heretto CCMS

DITA might not be in our name anymore, but it’s still very much at the core of our products. Heretto CCMS is an enterprise-grade Component Content Management System (DITA CCMS) that powers your entire content ecosystem.

The Heretto CCMS gives you granular control in a Content Operations platform that’s intuitive to use and designed to scale so you can start fast and grow exponentially. Create better knowledge experiences for everyone — customers, employees, stakeholders, and beyond.

Heretto Enterprise

Heretto Enterprise combines the content creation and management power of Heretto CCMS with the next generation of headless content deployment. Content-as-a-Service offerings from Heretto Enterprise turn your content into a feature-rich API, transforming your knowledge into a competitive advantage.

The Heretto Enterprise platform is an end-to-end Content Operations platform that’s API-first, cloud-native, and highly extensible. Our enterprise platform enables you to create omnichannel digital experiences for any audience in any language, helping you create hyper-personalized and unified knowledge experiences that take your content to the next level.

Want To See Heretto In Action?

Heretto powers content by industry leaders: HubSpot, AT&T, Allstate Business Insurance, and Motorola. To learn more about Heretto or see a demo, visit our website: