Shruti Deshpande
June 1, 2021

RWS is the global leader in content management and translation technology and services — 90 of the top 100 global companies work with us. Founded in 1958, RWS is headquartered in the UK and publicly listed on AIM, the London Stock Exchange regulated market (RWS.L). Over the last 60 years, the company has built a reputation for quality, reliability and flexibility with its global team of translators, researchers and technical experts. RWS’s specialist divisions combine the latest technology, proven processes and highly skilled staff to deliver complex services at each stage of the product lifecycle to meet the diverse needs of a global, blue-chip client base spanning Europe, North America and Asia.

November 2020 saw the acquisition of SDL plc by RWS Holdings plc. This is marked as a transformational event for both companies. The enlarged group is the leading language services and software company in the world, enabling customers to benefit from its increased scale, an expanded geographic footprint and innovative technologies that deliver world-class translation and localization services.

The transaction benefits RWS and SDL customers alike, as it brings together broad capabilities across a range of language services, language and content software and IP services, combining the complementary strengths of RWS’s specialist technical translation and localization capabilities with SDL’s software, machine translation and AI capabilities.

Richard Thompson, CEO of RWS, commented:

“This is an exciting time for our joint customer base. The creation of the world’s leading language services and technology group allows us to provide a broader and enhanced offering to an expanded client audience. The combined company will have technology at its heart, underpinned with specialist capabilities, quality and an unwavering commitment to customer service. “We look forward to working with our valued customers to continue to enhance the way we serve their needs.”

Tridion is our intelligent content platform. It enables companies to activate content for employees, partners and customers by optimizing content processes at scale.

Tridion provides the scalability organizations need for global deployment with an architecture that supports:

  • Content management at scale
  • Easy collaboration
  • The desired level of governance and control
  • Embedded translation features
  • High levels of business agility
  • Flexible omnichannel delivery

Foundation for digital transformation

Digital transformation is all about embedding digital into the organization and making it normal practice – rather than an ongoing challenge.

Executives say the top benefits of digital transformation are improved operational efficiency (40%), faster time to market (36%) and the ability to meet customer expectations (35%).

Content is a key pillar of successful digital strategies. No matter if customers speak to one of your employees, your partner channel, or engage with you directly through a digital channel, your content should always be clear and consistent.

Tridion enables activation of content on any channel. It helps you to optimize your content processes – leading to significant operational gains and improved business performance.

What is Tridion?

Tridion is the platform of choice for the world’s largest brands.

Tridion is made up of a number of system components that work perfectly together, and that can be licensed and deployed separately across on-premises, hybrid and cloud system environments to meet your specific needs.

Tridion Sites
Provides web content management — connecting people, processes and information across teams, brands and markets to deliver impactful online experiences globally. 

Tridion Docs
Offers streamlined end-to-end component content management. It allows subject matter experts (SMEs) in your organization to contribute their knowledge and work simultaneously with authors and reviewers in the same document.

Tridion Delivery
Activates your content on any online or offline channel and device — regardless of content type or storage location — using headless publishing capabilities and API-based content provisioning across the globe.

Tridion Accelerators
Simplifies deployment of our technology and rapidly unlocks enterprise information stored in other business-critical systems through a range of content and data connectors.

Transform your business with Tridion

 With Tridion, you can cost-effectively create, translate and deliver a wide spectrum of content types – from highly structured regulatory content, through to engaging marketing content — in a way that enables AI-driven automation of labour-intensive tasks, reviewed and optimized by humans.

It enables you to create a ‘single source of truth’ so all stakeholders can quickly and effectively find the information they need and act on it – ensuring greater consistency across all your content.

Create and manage

  • Centralized structured content and authoring
  • Content reuse
  • Publication and baseline management
  • Conditional text

Authors can use the tool of their choice — ranging from expert XML editors to MS Word-like, browser-based editing tools. While authoring and reviewing content, the system automatically protects the underlying XML structure, so that your employees don’t have to be XML experts to work with the system.

Content can be dynamically assembled into any deliverable, such as an online publication, a PDF, or any other output format — all from the same source.

Tridion includes further advanced controls including:

  • Baseline Manager — to easily manage content versions and relationships across publications
  • Condition Manager — to manage conditional text for content variants

Collaborate and review

  • Easy authoring for SMEs
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Compliance and auditability

As companies adopt more agile work practices, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) increasingly form a critical part of the content creation process. To empower them, Tridion offers:

  • Collective Spaces — a tight-knit online environment for collaborative content creation that eliminates cumbersome PDF mark up
  • Review overlays — allowing multiple reviewers to provide feedback on the same content simultaneously
  • Threaded conversations — to discuss and clarify feedback

With Tridion, collaboration improves, quality goes up, and time to market is reduced.

Translate and localize

  • Integrate translation management
  • Higher translation reuse
  • Translation reporting
  • Multilingual publication management

Managing translations is a critical, but often costly, part of any content delivery process.

Tridion enables you to manage translations directly from the platform. It provides:

  • Multilingual controls — to manage multilingual publications and automatically reuse existing translations
  • TMS integration — allowing content to be submitted to a translation management system directly from within Tridion
  • DTP cost reduction — templated output for multilingual content eliminates costly desktop publishing

Deliver and distribute

  • Single-source content delivery
  • Omnichannel publishing
  • Content variations
  • Contextual delivery (profile, region, product features)

Besides support for traditional content formats such as PDFs, Tridion enables dynamic documentation experiences on any channel and device. It offers:

  • Dynamic Documentation — a fully responsive, out-of-the-box documentation portal
  • Headless content APIs — to deliver personalized content to any digital touchpoint
  • Scalability — to support global content distribution and delivery

With Tridion you increase employee efficiency, partner contribution and customer satisfaction; provide more consistent and more engaging customer experiences, and achieve operational gains and better business performance.

Our vision is to help organizations interact effectively with people anywhere in the world by solving their language, content and market access challenges through our collective global intelligence, deep expertise and smart technology.

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