CIDM is an organization dedicated to help advance the profession of information development worldwide. Through CIDM, information professionals can communicate with each other regualarly and lean about each other’s successes, problems and innovations.

Membership benefits include:

Conference Passes and Discounts

To encourage participation in CIDM conferences, members receive free and discounted registrations to our conferences. The number of free passes depends on your membership level and conference. Members always receive the best pricing available for all CIDM conferences.

Best Practices Newsletter

The Best Practices newsletter, which contains a wealth of industry-related information, is availabe to all CIDM members. The quarterly newsletter is emailed directly to the members and each newsletter article is posted on the CIDM website for future reference. Acess to the articles is a members only benefit.

Members Only Forum

Members can learn from the experiences of others by easily getting feedback on the members only CIDM Slack Workspace. There are channels for hiring, training, quality control, metrics, content reuse, change managment and more!

Management Round Tables

Members can participate in an “open-mic” session to discuss trends and issues associated with information-development. Topics are picked by members and change monthly. We’ve discussed everthing from managing remote employees to working with Subject Matter Experts.

Information Development Advise

CIDM is managed by Comtech Services, a leading consulting firm that has been helping clients produce better technical content for over 40 years. Members can reach out to any of the Comtech consultants for advise or to brainstorm on innovated ideas.

Workshop Discounts

Members receive discounts to Comtech’s content strategy and DITA training classes. Gold and Platinum level members really benifit from a two-for-one pricig option for most public workhops and a 10% discount on customized in-house workshops.