CIDM members share why they joined CIDM and what value they are getting.

The Center for Information-Development Management provides a unique community of experts. By focusing specifically on information-development managers, CIDM enables knowledge-sharing and professional collaboration that spans all aspects of technical communication today, from writing and development processes to user experience, change management, performance, academic research, and fostering innovation across a global workforce.”

I have been associated with CIDM for 20 years, and it continues to challenge and propel my thinking as an industry practitioner and a leader within my company.

Chris Gales, Splunk

It’s a serendipitous experience whenever I attend a Best Practices conference.

Whatever stage my company is at in our structured authoring journey, Best Practices brings together the best minds to explore and innovate to resolve the pain points we’re experiencing as our doc sets and our department matures.  


CIDM has been a key partner over the years as Lexmark’s information development tools and strategies have evolved and matured. As both attendees and presenters at CIDM conferences, our teams have valued the opportunity to network with other information managers, sharing content-related pain points and exchanging innovative ideas.

CIDM is our go-to resource for expert advice on all matters of information development management.

Patty Cobb, Lexmark

CIDM provides a key pathway to the tools and knowledge needed for intuitive and well-developed content. The information CIDM provides a must-have.

Rich Gebhardt, Mastercard

The connections I’ve made allow me to learn, share, and validate processes, practices, and ideas with stakeholders of the community.  I’m improving information process maturity within my group because of CIDM and the business connections I’ve made through it.


CIDM is an essential forum for staying connected to industry leaders and peers in other organizations and provides vital information that helps us to stay on top of best practices and trends. The opportunities to engage and collaborate with individuals across the industry are diverse and allow us to learn, grow, and exchange ideas and our membership has allowed us to increase participation in these opportunities. 

CIDM has allowed for continued professional development across our content development team through the broad spectrum of educational and training opportunities that appeal to multiple experience levels and roles and support various growth areas within the overall content and technical writing profession.

Pat Burrows, Rocket Software

If you’re in the business of information development, there are no teams more knowledgeable and practiced than CIDM/Comtech. 

They are consistently at the leading edge of our information services domain and have an uncanny ability to assemble highly-relevant resources for each and every CIDM conference. Their services are world-class and I encourage all to leverage that expertise. 

We are fortunate to have had that opportunity.


I’m always curious about DITA strategies so I always come to the CIDM website when I can’t make the conference. The CIDM team is not only easy to talk to but an incredible resource. I’ve connected to other people through CIDM as well as introductions directly through Dawn. The conferences are invaluable for all levels of DITA users – including if you’re not sure you want to convert. We’ve used their courses for team training as well as presenting our case studies at the conferences. 

Take advantage of the things they have to offer!

Peggy Sanches, HPE

CIDM is important to our plans for training and growing our team. We want to maintain a growth mindset, and CIDM is part of the solution.


CIDM has been a vital partner as we have transformed our content creation, storage, and publishing processes and tools.

At a high-level, they have provided insight into industry trends.

At the workday, get-it-done level, they have provided spot-on training and guidance to our international writing team.

Barbara Gstalder, Poly