Recorded: April 13, 2022

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Presented by Michael Klemme and Klaus Fleischmann

Terminology is at the core of great content. When used consistently, it helps you communicate precisely and efficiently, which is an approach to your brand communication. It also makes your content accurate.

But it’s important to have a sound process in place to manage your terminology. Join us and learn how to:

  • Make sure all stakeholders have input into your terminology set

  • Set a process for consent and approval of your terms

  • Make sure you have a consistent and failsafe process to

    • Have all your terms for checking in Acrolinx, as the content quality solution of choice

    • Make sure all terminology action is concentrated in quickTerm, as the leading terminology system

Presented by:

Michael Klemme is a Senior Solutions Architect at Acrolinx. He advises new and existing customers on how they can efficiently integrate Acrolinx into their processes and helps partners to develop integrations.

Klaus Fleischmann studied translation and IT in Vienna, holds an MA in Conference Interpreting from Monterey, California, and a MAS in Technical Communication from Krems, Austria. In 1996, he founded Austria-based Kaleidoscope, a company implementing content, translation, and terminology management processes for internationally active companies. Kaleidoscope develops online collaboration software for enterprise-level terminology workflow, translator query management, in-country review etc., making the translation quality process comprehensible and strategically manageable. In 2007, he became CEO of Austria´s leading LSP, Eurocom Translation Services GmbH. Always active in the industry, Klaus got voted into the Gala Board of Directors in 2015 and 2017.