October 6, 2021

Our content shapes experiences and drives behavior. The question then becomes, is your content causing positive or negative experiences and behaviors?

In this presentation, we’ll take a critical look at content operations (Content Ops), the processes behind your knowledge, and how they make or break customer experiences.

You’ll learn:

  • Tactics to turn your haphazard workflow into a repeatable process
  • Overlooked signs that your content hinders customer experience
  • How to ensure your content capability can scale with your company’s growth


Presented by:

Patrick Bosek, CEO of Heretto, loves all things content and applies his technical acumen to developing, productizing, and solving problems with product content software. Outside of that, he rides his motorcycle and makes coffee that makes him feel as fast as his motorcycle. He lives in Rochester, NY, with his son, Ezra, and a dog named Lloyd.