December 14, 2021

Attend this webinar if you’re looking to:

  • Provide your audience with content that is accurate and compliant
  • Align your global workforce with One Voice
  • Accelerate your time to market thanks to less time for review and editing
  • Reduce your source content and translations by 40%
  • Show industry credibility by complying with industry standards to help open new markets

With Heretto, Schematron, and HyperSTE you will get one platform to create, manage, and personalize your enterprise knowledge for any audience, on any channel, and in any language.

Join us on December 14, where we will discuss these values as well as how they are delivered.

Presented by:
Berry Braster has been in the technical documentation field for over 18 years and has helped implement content strategies, including the use of DITA and HyperSTE controlled language software. As Technology Director, Berry is involved with connecting technical documentation to IoT, and how to leverage on technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Jarod Sickler is the Documentation Manager and a Customer Success Manager at Heretto. He’s also a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy at the University of Rochester, specializing in metaphysics and epistemology. His dissertation focuses on the role and importance of the grounding relation in the overall metaphysical structure of epistemic justification. Slowly but surely, he’s making progress on his thesis. If you’re in the market for an effective sleep aid, he’ll happily share his research with you.

Whether it’s in his research, documentation, or customer implementations, Jarod enjoys thinking through complex problems and finding the simplest and yet most powerful solution.

In his spare time, Jarod tries to convince his kids that he’s still cool. They aren’t buying it.