April 1999

From the Director

CIDMIconNewsletter JoAnn Hackos

Dear friends:

The initial response to the Center has been very exciting! The office has been a cacophony of ringing telephones, incoming emails, and people talking about and working on Center activities. I’d like to thank all of you who have supported this long-overdue forum. For those of you who for various reasons are unable to join at this time, we hope you’ll subscribe to the newsletter to keep abreast of upcoming Center events, activities, and publications. Managers who have already enrolled their groups for membership have provided us a wide range of responses on why they wanted to become involved and how they won approval from their senior managers. A manager at one company convinced her manager that she simply had to join because the company’s chief competitor already sat on the Center’s Advisory Council. Another manager told us that while he always emphasized the importance of professional development to his group, there were few opportunities for him to grow himself; he found that the Center was an ideal resource for such professional growth. Still others told us and their managers that they thought Center membership would give their group and company a necessary competitive edge. I’m also pleased that two additional managers have agreed to take part in the Advisory Council: Gil Mounsey, Manager of Information Products and Development at NCR in Waterloo, Ontario and Mike Lewis, Director of Information Engineering at NCR in San Diego. You’ll be reading more about them and their work in future issues. By the time you read this, we may have begun our Center chat rooms and study groups. The first Chat is scheduled for April 5 and will cover single-sourcing processes. The second chat is scheduled for April 19 and will be a discussion of single-sourcing tools. Center Associate Ann Rockley of the Rockley Group and SingleSource Associates and I will be leading these chats. These first two chats will be open to the public. Instructions for downloading the software were included in your last newsletter and are also available at our website,

If you haven’t yet joined and would like to take part in my online study group on technology life cycles and information products, now is the time. Geoffrey Moore’s book Crossing the Chasm is widely available, and I invite any team member from a member department to join our discussions of it during the weeks of April 6, 26, and May 10. I’ll be reviewing Moore’s Inside the Tornado in our next issue and hope to be having an interview with him in the near future. Finally, our member list-serv is up and running so don’t forget to take advantage of this invaluable resource. CIDMIconNewsletter