October 1999

From the Director

CIDMIconNewsletter JoAnn Hackos

I’d like to start this issue of Best Practices by thanking all of you who helped make our first annual Best Practices Conference such a success. We’ve heard from many of you that this was one of the best conferences you’ve attended and that it filled a gap in the smattering of conference offerings available to managers in our industry. We’re logging all of your comments from the evaluation forms submitted at the conference and our informal exchanges with you to ensure that next year’s conference is even better than this year’s!

We also temporarily opened the Center listserv to all conference attendees. If you attended the conference and haven’t been subscribed, please email the listserv owner ( to subscribe. We hope that the listserv will help maintain some of the conference synergy.

We’ll also be posting notes from the Chasm workshop on: shortly. We’re using those notes to create models for user information needs at various stages in your product life cycles. We hope many of you will share your Chasm stories on the Website once we have that area up and running. We also welcome your feedback on any Chasm sessions you may have held with your staff. If you feel you need extra help training them, Katherine Murphy and I are developing a Chasm workshop we can present to your staff.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of some of the future plans we discussed at the conference. We’re working with Joanie Campbell at Cadence to make the survey she administered to her group available to all Center members. Our plan is to have members administer the survey to their staffs and we’ll tally the results and identify if the concerns in your group parallel others in the industry.

On a similar front, our next formal benchmarking study will address staffing resources through a comparison of how organizations are confronting issues of changing skills requirements, shortages of qualified candidates, and competitive job markets. We’ve already seen a number of exciting ways many of you are strengthening the ties with your employees (equal status with product development professionals, employee reward programs, professional and skills development opportunities, and so on) and hope to identify more really effective programs within your organizations.

We also discussed a few other initiatives. First, the new managers’ conference we plan to organize for summer 2000. I hope many of you will consider sending some of your newer managers or sharing your expertise through a presentation. Second, we discussed the Center’s joint venture with STC to create an exploratory committee for developing an information-development life cycle standard. And third, we discussed continuing research in the telecommunications industry-specifically, the development of information-development standards for the industry and using the network created through the telecommunications benchmark study to begin work in understanding customers and their information needs.

If you are interested in any of these studies or initiatives and did not submit a form indicating your interest at the conference, please let me know via phone (303-232-7586) or email CIDMIconNewsletter