Intra.doc! Management System Combines Web and Document Management Technologies

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June 1999

Intra.doc! Management System Combines Web and Document Management Technologies

CIDMIconNewsletterLast Fall, IntraNet Solutions introduced version 3.5 of its popular document management system Intra.doc! A Java-based solution, Intra.doc! has been adopted by more than 150 organizations and 500,000 users worldwide because of its ease of implementation and use.

We wanted to look into Intra.doc! to investigate its potential as a single sourcing tool. As you know, the rubric of document management systems is large; some document management solutions meet our single sourcing needs while others are better suited for the promised task of managing documents. While Intra.doc! does not perform the single sourcing tasks that brought us to investigate it, we did find it an excitingly simple and efficient tool for document management.

IntraNet Solutions sales manager, Kevin Benson, writes:

As we move toward the 21st Century and a more global economy, the need to do business more efficiently is driving organizations to consider how they share information across the enterprise. Invariably, the Web is the mechanism most departments identify as the tool to help them achieve this economy of communication and collaboration. Together with Intra.doc! MS, many of these same organizations are discovering how quickly and cost effectively this goal can be achieved, departmentally and enterprise wide.

Because Intra.doc! is a Web-based solution, information can easily be reviewed across geographical boundaries. For example, a product-development team with engineers and SMEs in San Jose and Bombay can instantly review documents created in Houston. Further, Intra.doc! publishes in PDF format, thus allowing reviewers to view electronic files in what will be their final form.

Users check documents into the system by importing the original source file.These source files can be in a variety of formats: MS Word, FrameMaker, HTML, gif, etc. During the document check-in process, Intra.doc!

  • creates a PDF file of the imported information
  • executes a full-text index of the document to aid in the search and retrieval process
  • creates a link to the new file

Intra.doc! also requires the author’s email address upon check-in and creates a live link to it so that reviewers will have easy access to both the document and its author.

Intra.doc!’s ease of use is further enhanced by a number of solid document-management features.

Active Workflow

Review processes are made easy through an email alert system. When documents are checked into the system, they are automatically entered into your pre-established workflow. Once someone approves the document, the next person in the workflow receives an email notification containing the URL of the document and can then review it. Currently, Intra.doc! workflow only facilitates approval or rejection; changes to the document must be made through authorized check-out of the original source file and a new check-in of the revised document.

Version Control

As noted, Intra.doc! automatically creates a link to the most recent version of a document. Users can subscribe to specific documents and receive email notification and the new URL whenever a document is updated. Document histories, notes on changes, and earlier versions are easily accessed.

ODMA-FrameMaker Extension

FrameMaker Books can be published in Intra.doc! Frame import references can be stored in the system so that items like logos and graphics can be used in multiple places and easily replaced when they are redesigned or changed.

Component Architecture

Component architecture allows you to change the user interface of the Intra.doc! solution. The solution comes with an array of templates that can all be easily customized with your own logos, branding, and Website design. Effective redesign will make your Web environment seamless-no one will know they’re using Intra.doc! because you’ve redesigned the interface to meet your company’s standards.


Intra.doc! features a three-tier security system: user, group, and role. Further, the Corporate-Wide Security Model allows users to incorporate enterprise-wide security methods. The Accounts model of management lets users denote access based on site, project, or vendor levels.


Intra.doc! is shipped with a run-time license for MS Access and can support both Oracle and Microsoft SQL.

The Windows NT version requires:

  • NT version 4.0 with Service Pack 3
  • IIS Version 3.0/4.0 for NT /li>
  • 200 Mhz Intel Pentium or higher /li>
  • 128 MB RAM (minimum)/li>

The UNIX version requires:

  • Sun Solaris 2.6 /li>
  • Netscape Enterprise Server 3.5 or higher/li>

Intra.doc! is priced based on the number of contributors and is deployed at project, work group, and enterprise levels. Major competitors include Documentum, PC Docs, and Open Text; the real benefits of Intra.doc! are, again, in the ease of implementation and use. Within the next two years, IntraNet Solutions could begin developing content granularity features that would support our single sourcing and reuse needs-hopefully, a single-source solution from IntraNet Solutions would be as simple and straightforward as Intra.doc! MS. CIDMIconNewsletter