Is Your Online Help Helping Your Customers?


February 1999

Is Your Online Help Helping Your Customers?


PC World magazine’s recent survey of more than 6,800 PC users (November 1998) reveals that only six out of ten are very satisfied with the overall reliability of and service on their PCs. In the reliability survey, 70% reported having at least one problem with their computer, while 30% reported three or more problems (these numbers increased when considering home, instead of work, computers.) However, nine out of ten PC owners report that they would buy the same brand again.

Regarding service, fewer than six out of ten were very satisfied with the level of service they received. Delays in service were the primary complaint. Secondary complaints included the lack of knowledgeable customer service representatives and the lack of sincere effort in dealing with customer problems.

Of most concern, of the 23% who sought answers online, most frequently by email, only 22% responded that the online help solved their problem. About 13% never even got a response. CIDMIconNewsletter