CIDM New Managers’ Conference 2000


April 2000

CIDM New Managers’ Conference 2000

CIDMIconNewsletter Reviewed by Katherine Brennan Murphy, Center Associate

As JoAnn mentioned in the Director’s Column, the CIDM will host a conference dedicated to the needs and mentoring of new information-development department managers. You’ll be getting full conference program and registration information in the next few weeks but I want to give you the flavor of the conference here. I am very excited about the program and speakers we are lining up and very pleased to be managing the conference for the CIDM. You’ll find preliminary conference program and registration information below. We’ll keep you posted once we firm up the schedule and the speakers.

Why a Conference for New Managers?

The CIDM is hosting this conference in response to our members’ feedback that there is a real need for new managers to get professional training and mentoring by senior people in our field. Several members volunteered to share their hard-won expertise with newcomers. This conference fulfills one of the Center’s founding goals: to build a community of professionals who jointly develop and discuss the best practices in our field.

And, as we know all too well, quite a few new information-development managers did not actually plan, ask for, or really want the management tasks that have been thrust upon them. For some, it is a gradual progression from being a lone writer, to “supervising” a few contractors, and then, suddenly, to managing a department. Others are drafted or decide to volunteer as self-preservation. For the rest, whose aim is management, they still need coaching, role models, and tips. This conference will help new managers understand what is great about being a manager and also let them know that they are not the only ones facing the traps laid for the unwary or unmentored new kid on the block.

Conference Format

The conference will be held August 20–23 at the Hyatt Regency in the Denver Tech Center. We will intersperse panel discussions and presentations with workshops, videos, skits, and a few surprises. The schedule will allow large chunks of time for networking.

The conference officially starts on Sunday with a welcome reception where everyone will gather to meet informally. During the conference days, CIDM will provide continental breakfasts and lunches. To avoid those postlunch doldrums, we are inserting a break after lunch, which should give you time to network. Evening events are planned, including the conference banquet on Tuesday. We hope you spend this time solidifying new relationships with the other participants.

If you are interested in attending or sending someone to the conference, email Julie Price at or call her at 303/232-7586. If you have topic ideas or questions about the program, send me an email at CIDMIconNewsletter