April 2000

Talk Back

CIDMIconNewsletter Katherine Brennan Murphy, Best Practices Editor

The Advisory Council and other CIDM members have asked us to include many ways for members to interact. The Talk Back column will be a regular feature of Best Practices, and we hope it will spark lively discussions on the listserv and at our conferences. In each issue, we will outline a scenario or ask a question about how you would solve a particular problem or how your organization operates.

In the subsequent issue, the editor will summarize your responses in Talk Back and introduce a new topic for the group to consider. The topic for April is reporting structure.

The case studies in both the February and April issues have discussed managing up or working with peers and upper management in some fashion. How you manage up or partner with peer organizations is, to an extent, dependent on where your organization fits into the corporate puzzle. So, we are hoping you can share the answers to the following questions with your fellow Center members:

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What is your department title? Purpose?

li class=”Bulleted-list”>Who does your department report to? Why?

li class=”Bulleted-list”>What are the pluses and minuses of this reporting structure?

li class=”Bulleted-list”>If you have had a different reporting structure in the past, compare it with your current one.

li class=”Bulleted-list”>If you were inventing a corporation, where would you have information-development departments report?

li class=”Bulleted-list”>And, of course, any anecdotes on how you have managed up, across, or down.