Talking Back: Responses to April’s Question


June 2000

Talking Back: Responses to April’s Question

CIDMIconNewsletter June Topic: What are we reading?

In April’s issue we asked a number of questions about where your department reports to in your organization and how this reporting structure helps or hinders your department. We didn’t receive any notes on this topic from members or newsletter subscribers. Fortunately, however, this topic was coincidentally debated on the STC Management SIGs listserv, and we’re providing a brief summary of that discussion here.

The people responding to the thread reported to many different functional areas: Engineering, Software Development, Marketing, Quality Assurance, and Application Planning. After identifying their reporting structure, most people further stated that the best reporting relationship “depends” on a number of factors. One person noted that the interpersonal relationships your department has with its management and peer organizations are more important than the organization chart. Another person said that it “depended on which organization within your company is the most enlightened.”

Several people noted that the best reporting structure was to a “higher power” where information management was toe-to-toe peer with development, marketing, and so on.

What was interesting about this discussion was how many people took the time to outline speaking points on this issue to help someone make her case in a move from one organization to another. This type of discussion and sharing is what the CIDM, its members, associates, and advisory council hope that our Listserv and this column can do for us. Please let us about topics you are interested in airing in any of our forums.

June Topic: What are we reading?

Keeping our technical and management skills fresh and our professional contacts renewed is always a challenge for busy managers, especially in a field like ours where we cross so many professional boundaries. So, let us know what you’ve been reading and how valuable you find the references you list. We will work to include in-depth reviews of highly recommended books, search recommended journals to create abstracts, and point members to useful Web sites. We would also like to know which books you found disappointing or not up to the jacket hype. content/uploads/2015/06/CIDMIconNewsletter_sm.jpg”>CIDMIconNewsletter