Justifying Single Sourcing and Content Management

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August 2002

Justifying Single Sourcing and Content Management


You want to make a business case for a content-management system (CMS). According to Geoff Choo in his article, “Determining ROI on a content management system” (Enterprise, February 19, 2002), to get buy-in from management for a CMS initiative you should

  • Justify the expense
  • Estimate the costs

Calculate the return on investment (ROI)

Justify the expense by emphasizing that a CMS can save your company money and make a profit. And if content is your company’s business, then a CMS is a necessary expense-“the cost of doing business.”

When estimating the costs of a CMS, consider three factors:

  • Software licensing
    Realize that this factor might be the least of your expenses.
  • Integration, customization, and extension
    Don’t expect the CMS your company needs to come right out of the box.
  • Data cleaning, normalization, organization, migration, and so on
    Keep in mind that preparing content for a CMS can be a huge undertaking.

The actual cost of a CMS depends on your content, the level of customization your company needs, and the number of users your company has.

To calculate the ROI, compare the costs of a CMS against the benefits. First, compare the costs to the tangible benefits of a CMS. Then, compare the costs to the intangible benefits of a CMS. Once you have calculated the ROI, you are ready to make your business case. CIDMIconNewsletter

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