February Volume 9, Issue 1

It All Starts with Standards
Dawn Stevens, Jeppesen

Global Standards for Information Development
JoAnn Hackos, CIDM Director

Content Improvement through Content Analysis: A Case study from Lucent Technologies IP&T Organization
Norma Emery, Lucent Technologies

Taking a Comprehensive Approach to Developing Translation-Ready Standards
Tony Washington and Catherine Strange, LSI Logic Corporation

Content Quality Management Practices at Symantec
Alexia Idoura, Symantec Corporation


April Volume 9, Issue 2

Total Information Experience: Defining an IBM-integrated Approach to Developing Information in a Flat World via Effective Global Collaboration
Eileen Jones and Dave Peterson, IBM Corporation

Managing a Portfolio
JoAnn Hackos, CIDM Director

I Need My Input! Getting People to Review Content
Ken Jercha, Aquent

Ensuring Quality Coding in Your DITA Source
Carolyn Henry, IBM Corporation

Best Practices for XML and Structured Documentation
Troy Klukewich, Independent Consultant

Content Management – the Magic Behind the Web
JoAnn Hackos, Comtech Services, Inc.


June Volume 9, Issue 3

Writing End-User Documentation in an Agile Development Environment
Tana Berry, Database-Brothers, Inc. & Anne Gentle, BMC Software, Inc.

Writing in Modules- The Future or a Meaningless Diversion?
JoAnn Hackos, CIDM Director

Dynamic Content Delivery Using DITA
Eric Severson, Flatirons Solutions, Inc.

Unicode Fanaticism
Graydon Saunders, ATI Technologies, Inc.

Demystifying DITA Publishing Options
Jerry Silver, JustSystems, Inc.


August Volume 9, Issue 4

Creating Content Based on Customer Scenarios
Samantha J.W. Robertson, Microsoft Corporation

The Rare Bird Award of the CIDM – An Opportunity for Recognition
JoAnn Hackos, CIDM Director

Developing CM Strategies in an IT-centric World
Barry Schaeffer, XSystems, Inc.

Case Study: An Open Source CMS Experience
Peter Dykstra, MetaphorX LLC

The Importance of Global XML in Global Communications
Sophie Hurst, SDL International

Wikinomics: What does it Mean for Technical Communication?
Bill Hackos, Comtech Services, Inc.


October Volume 9, Issue 5

Total Information Experience: How One Line Team Implemented an IBM-integrated Approach to Developing Information in a Flat World
Lori Fisher, IBM Corporation

Investing in Quality
JoAnn Hackos, CIDM Director

Investment in Quality Pays Huge Dividends
Kent Taylor, acrolinx, North America, Inc.

Simplified Technical English — Quality Assurance and Standardization for Technical Documentation, and Many Other Benefits in the Field of Content Management and Translations
Berry Braster, Tedopres International, Inc.

From FrameMaker to DITA: A Natural Migration
Carol Bumbaca, XyEnterprise

Letting Go of the Words: Finally a Book that Empowers Web Writers
Susan Harkus, Independent Consultant


December Volume 9, Issue 6

Editing DITA Topics: The Changing Role of the Technical Editor in the Age of DITA and Topic-Based Authoring
Michelle Carey, Michelle Corbin, & Shannon Rouiller, IBM Corporation

Using Analogies to Promote Understanding
JoAnn Hackos, CIDM Director

Leveraging Conditions as Metadata
Monti Lawrence, Symantec Corporation

Documentation Cannot Compensate for Poor Design
Susan Harkus, Independent Consultant

The 7 Challenges of Implementing a Content Management System
Paul Trotter, Author-it Software Corporation

Following the Leader
Janet Williams Hepler, Microsoft Corporation