February Volume 10, Issue 1

Gaining…no, Earning Cross-Functional Ownership of Field Documentation
Chona Shumate

Teamwork Is Essential
JoAnn Hackos, CIDM Director

New Content Management System Helps Ensim Stop Seeing “Double”
Paul Trotter, Author-it

Roadmap to DITA
Anna Hartman & Judy Kessler, Sybase, Inc.

Six Guiding Principles for Wiki Use and Development
Michele Guthrie, Neville Fleet, & Paul Zimmerman, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Building The Quality In, Instead of Bolting It On…
David A. Ried, NXP Semiconductors BV


April Volume 10, Issue 2

East Meets West: Managing Culture Clash in Communication with China
Carol Barnum, Southern Polytechnic State University

Managing your Succession – Educating New Managers
JoAnn Hackos, CIDM Director

Find vs. Search: Maximizing Information Value with Content Applications
Andy Feit, MarkLogic Corporation

DITA Success Story
Sissi Closs, Comet Computer GmbH

Using a Balanced Scoreboard to Measure the Productivity and Value of Technical Documentation Organizations
Neville Fleet, Joan Lasselle, & Paul Zimmerman, Cisco Systems, Inc.


June Volume 10, Issue 3

Legacy Content Pitfalls and Potentials
Troy Klukewich,Oracle Corporation

Management Innovations: Changing the Way We Manage People and Process
JoAnn Hackos, CIDM Director

Light at the End of the Tunnel: Proven ROI by Using a DITA-Based Content Management System
Keith Schengili-Roberts, AMD

Scrum: An Agile Approach to Managing Documentation Projects
Julie MacAller & Ann Beebe, Microsoft Corporation

Sharing Content Across Departments using DITA
Amber Swope, JustSystems, Inc.


August Volume 10, Issue 4

Playing Hide and Seek with Your Topics
France Baril, Architextus, Inc.

Are PDFs “Content Coffins”?
JoAnn Hackos, CIDM Director

The Technology and Culture of Web 2.0
Barry Schaeffer, XyEnterprise & Bruce Nevin, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Building a Coaching Culture: Developing Next Generation Leaders
Rosanne Scriffignano, ADP, Inc.

Dare I “Do DITA” Without a CMS? You could but…
Howard Schwartz & Chip Gettinger, Trisoft

Book Review
Bill Hackos, Comtech Services, Inc.


October Volume 10, Issue 5

Staffing Information Architects for a World of Topic-Based Information
Lori Fisher, IBM Corporation

Critical Conversations at the 2008 Best Practices Conference
JoAnn Hackos, CIDM Director

Introducing DITA and Content Management Into Your Publishing Process
Mark LeBlanc, XyEnterprise

Selecting a Component Content Management System for DITA
Scott Wolff, WOLFF & Associates, LLC

Using SharePoint as a Platform for DITA Solutions
Steffen Frederiksen, Content Technologies

Team Collaboration Strengthens Content Mapping Results
Kim Burris & Carolyn Kretz, nSight, Inc.


December Volume 10, Issue 6

Influencing Change: Negotiating vs. Building a Vision
Chona Shumate, Cymer, Inc.

Changing the Way We Work
JoAnn Hackos, CIDM Director

Conditionals vs. Composition
Eric Armstrong, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Key Lessons Learned in Implementing a CMS Solution
The XyEnterprise Marketing and CS Teams