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February 2011, Volume 13, Issue 1

The Illusive, Writing Productivity Metric: Making unit cost a competitive advantage
Mike Eleder, Alcatel-Lucent

How To Avoid Innovation and Quality
JoAnn Hackos, CIDM Director

Technical Communication and Usability: Intertwined strands and mutual influences commentary
Janice (Ginny) Redish, Redish & Associates, Inc.

Content Collaboration at Citrix: Strategic insights
Mathew Varghese, Citrix Systems, Inc.

Implementing the Big 3: A project management view on lessons learned on implementing an XML/DITA/CCMS publishing environment
Chona Shumate, Cymer, Inc.


April 2011, Volume 13, Issue 2

Road to Change
Todd Herrick, Symitar, a JHA Company

Training and Information Development: A collaboration worth doing
JoAnn Hackos, CIDM Director

Driving Deliverables by Listening to the Voice of the Customer
Janel Kratky, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Staffing Your Documentation Team with Co-op Students: A program that works
Tim Bishop & Judy Kessler, Sybase, an SAP Company

Becoming a Taxonomist: A review of the book The Accidental Taxonomist and its value to the DITA community
Susan Self, Qualcomm

Join the

[Technical] Conversation
Amanda Cross, ExactTarget


June 2011, Volume 13, Issue 3

Building a Collaborative Writing Strategy
Rebekka Andersen, University of California, Davis & Charlotte Robidoux, Hewlett-Packard Company

Using the Net Promoter Score to Evaluate Customer Content
JoAnn Hackos, CIDM Director

Connecting Writers with Readers
Charles Cantrell, ExactTarget

Road Blocks to CMS Adoption
Paula Toth & Gina Gotsill, TechProse

Creating a Customer Information Program: Nurturing customer relationships and leveraging feedback
Dawn Eisner, NetApp, Inc.


August 2011, Volume 13, Issue 4

Considerations for On-Demand, Web-Based Publishing
Russ Ward, Spirent Communications

Introduction to DITA—Second Edition
JoAnn Hackos, CIDM Director

Terminology Management: Why you should care and how to get started
Uwe Muegge, CSOFT International Ltd.

>Developing Metrics to Justify Resources
Donald Rohmer & Archana Maheshwari, Citrix Systems, Inc.

The Challenges and Rewards of Standardization in China
Laurent Liscia, OASIS

Book Review: How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of “Intangibles” in Business
Bill Hackos, Comtech Services, Inc.


October 2011, Volume 13, Issue 5

Mobile Documentation: Usability guidelines for user assistance on tablets and smartphones
Marta Rauch, Oracle Corporation

Measuring the Intangibles: A measurement extravaganza at Best Practices 2011
JoAnn Hackos, CIDM Director

Delivering Multi-Modal Training
Ben Colborn & Patrick Quinlan, Citrix Systems, Inc.

Linking in Reusable Content with Soft Linking
Mark Baker, Analecta Communications Inc.

Top 10 Considerations When Selecting a Medical Device Translation Supplier
Marc Miller, Crimson Life Sciences

Adding Twisties to Help Generated by DITA-OT
Bill Marcotte, Radialpoint


December 2011, Volume 13, Issue 6

Content Curation: Building bridges between web writing and DITA Authoring
Nolwenn Kerzreho, Technicolor IPTV

Learning from Customers—Even if it’s Difficult
JoAnn Hackos, CIDM Director

Medical Device Industry: Total cost of content
Marc Miller, Crimson Life Sciences

The Death of Technical Publications As We Know It
or 9 Strategic Reasons to Move to Live Product Content

Howard Schwartz, SDL

Freescale’s Big IDEA
Bob Beims & Marcos Campos, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

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