xliffA Practical Guide to XLIFF 2.0

A Practical Guide to XLIFF 2.0 introduces the OASIS XLIFF standard. Companies use XLIFF to standardize the exchange of source and localized content with localization and translation vendors.

You will learn how to get the most from the XLIFF standard, use best practices in your translation workflow, extend XLIFF, and use the XLIFF modules.

This book is for localization coordinators, technical writers, content management system vendors, localization service providers, and consultants who want to incorporate XLIFF into their customers’ publishing workflow.
Copyright © 2015.


DITA_2ndIntroduction to DITA: A User Guide to the Darwin Information Typing Architecture—Second Edition

This 2011 edition of the bestselling Introduction to DITA includes DITA 1.2 mechanisms, including keyref, conkeyref, constraint mechanism, and more information to bring DITA users up to date. The tutorial lessons guide you step-by-step through the learning process from developing information topics and maps through content reuse mechanisms and modifying the DITA environment to better meet your needs. An electronic version is now available!
Copyright © 2011.



IDcoverInformation Development: Managing Your Documentation Projects, Portfolio, and People

The 1994 best–selling classic Managing Your Documentation Projects set the industry standard for technical documentation. However, since then, much has changed in the world of information development. With this new title, JoAnn Hackos looks beyond the structured project of the 1980s and 1990s. Instead, she focuses on the rapidly changing projects of the 21st century and addresses how to introduce agile information development without neglecting the central focus of planning information design and development around the needs of information users. Copyright © 2007.



Content Management for Dynamic Web DeliverySmallContent Management for Dynamic Web Delivery

With Content Management for Dynamic Web Delivery learn how to successfully manage Web content to achieve a competitive edge.

Using the content-management strategy that she developed for companies such as Nortel, Motorola, Cisco, and others, JoAnn Hackos walks readers through the stages of effective Web content management. Copyright © 2001.



User and Task Analysis for Interface DesignSmallUser and Task Analysis for Interface Design

Designing an effective interface doesn’t happen by chance. Good design happens only when designers understand who will be using their product, what the users are trying to accomplish, and the circumstances under which users must work. In User and Task Analysis for Interface Design, JoAnn Hackos and Ginny Redish share their experiences in gathering this information directly from users and then applying what is learned to the difficult task of interface design. Copyright © 1998.



Standards for Online CommunicationStandards for Online Communication

Standards for Online Communication gives you guidelines for how to place information online in your company. It provides both a design and development process and a set of guidelines for the Internet, intranets, and help systems for designers and authors who need to create effective electronic information. Copyright © 1997.



Managing Your Documentation ProjectsSmallManaging Your Documentation Projects

The only book devoted exclusively to technical publication project management, Managing Your Documentation Projects arms you with proven strategies and techniques for producing high-quality, extremely usable documentation, while cutting cost and time-to-market. JoAnn Hackos, a top documentation design and project management consultant to major corporations, including IBM and Hewlett-Packard, shares with you the fruit of her more than 15 years of experience in the field. Copyright © 1994.

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