AnswerWorks for the Web

If you have used Microsoft’s AnswerWizard, you know the concept behind Wextech’s AnswerWorks. It’s a very fine natural language search engine that supports multiple languages. It was originally developed for Help systems, but Steve Wexler’s team has expanded it to be an add-on for a Web site.

Another neat part of this product is AnswerWorks Analytics. This system allows you to identify, aggregate, and analyze the most important issues facing your users. Using the e-analytics tool, you can easily identify any content gaps within knowledge repositories, as well as increase customer intimacy through analysis and reporting of user activity.

The system records the questions that your users have entered into the natural language search. By reviewing the database of questions, you can hear your users’ actual words and understand how they search for information. Invaluable for a technical communication organization.

Try it out

If you find any problems when you’re trying out FreeAnswers, you might win a free t-shirt from Steve. allows users to solve computer-related problems quickly and easily simply by asking questions in plain, everyday language. provides access to the comprehensive knowledge bases from vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit, and Autodesk.

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