Joseph Turow, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, has riled up some people. In his upcoming book, The Wired Homestead (MIT Press 2003), he takes the capital “I” out of Internet. Turow feels that capitalization “implies product branding and private ownership.” He believes that because most people use the Internet (or is it internet?) every day, its status should be that of the telephone or television or radio.

In their article, “The Next Small Thing? No, in a Word,” in the April 14, 2003 issue of Information Week, David Post and Bradford C. Brown agree that “the global network, whatever we call it, is part of the everyday world. But so are the Milky Way, and the Sun, and the Pacific Ocean, and the Grand Canyon.” The authors don’t think Internet should be lower case. They feel by doing that we’re saying that the revolution is over, that the boom is over. In reality, it’s only just begun.


Information Week
The Next Small Thing? No, In A Word
David Post and Bradford C. Brown
April 14, 2003