Maximalism: Comprehensive Manuals that Contain Everything
Led by JoAnn Hackos
Duration two to four days, depending on the needs of participants

Bill Hackos, Comtech Services, Inc.

Is your management asking you to reduce documentation costs by leaving stuff out of your manuals? Are you about to risk losing valuable budget and staff? Is management asking you to waste your valuable time analyzing customers and pursuing structured writing and reuse?

If your answers are “yes,” this workshop meets your needs directly. Maximalist documents are easy to write but take lots of time and effort so they will increase your staff and ensure that your department is highly visible to upper management. Maximalist documents are harder to produce, translate, and maintain, so they are an aid to others as well. They also bring your company closer to its customers by increasing requests for customer support.

Maximalism is the key to getting maximum return for your staff and others.

Maximalism isn’t only for simple products or targeted for beginners. A maximalist approach makes even simple products seem more complex and increases customer interest in your company’s training program.

Who should attend?

  • Writers who don’t need to plan
  • Writers who want to please developers and SMEs
  • Writers who want to create manuals that are comprehensive, detailed, and a challenge for users

You will learn to:

  • Develop maximalist strategies
  • Determine the most appropriate places to provide useless information such as theories of operation, sales pitches, engineering design strategies, and much more
  • Promote reading rather than use
  • Determine where more content could possibly be added
  • Identify opportunities to replace graphics with text to save on graphic artist time

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