JoAnn Hackos, Comtech Services, Inc.

Dear Friends,

I have decided to extend the early registration rate for the CMS/DITA North America conference indefinitely. Register anytime from now through the conference and receive the discounted rate of $1295.

Do you need to create a business case when you request approval to attend this year’s Content Management Strategies/DITA North America conference? Here’s a business case that a colleague drew up a few days ago to convince his management that attending the conference was a valuable investment in their future success.

Please feel free to use this case with your management.

There is a preeminent 3-day Content Management conference coming up at the end of April that would be worthwhile for me to attend. There are a number of timely, focused sessions that would immediately benefit our content management initiative.

There is a DITA indexing session alone that would justify my attendance, which would result in a more efficient implementation for indexes. As you know, our documentation is massively indexed. Localization is a large factor when considering indexing implementations. This information is not readily available on the web and we can learn how to avoid expensive trial and error.

There is a Content Reference session that I know the architects will be interested in for effectively applying reuse. I can transmit best practices based on real-world experience to the team.

There is a Conditional Publishing session that covers how to properly set up content with conditions. We already have practical applications for conditions requested to support our docs and other projects when converted.

There are a number of translation sessions that indicate how to get the most benefit out of translating DITA, with the greatest cost effectiveness, again another angle that would easily pay for the conference. Translation efficiencies have dramatic impacts on localization budgets.

There are numerous implementation case studies being presented by other major corporations. It’s good to compare notes with others further along and benefit from their lessons learned along the way.

With the stock market improving and many companies starting to report profits, now is a great time to submit for approval to attend the conference. For those of you that submitted your request to attend a few months ago and were unsuccessful you may want to try again. The budget restriction you experienced before may no longer be an issue with the more positive outlook on the economy.

Please visit our website at, for complete details about the conference and its agenda.

Best wishes,