JoAnn Hackos, Comtech Services, Inc.

The 2011 Content Management Strategies/DITA North America is right around the corner. I’m looking forward to learning about project successes and challenges, new technology solutions, and best practices for structured authoring and XML semantics. The program has seventy-six presentations in four tracks: management, authoring, technical, and tools.

One change you’ll see in the 2011 conference is the move of tools and technology vendor presentations to all of the four tracks, rather than relegating them to a separate demo track. We have evaluated each presentation’s content and placed it in the most appropriate track. Because many of our vendor presentations highlight the work being done by customers or are actually presented by the customers themselves, they reflect the same variety as all the other corporate presentations.

As you review the program and plan your conference experience, note the presentations in which our exhibitors focus on their technology solutions, but also notice the presentations from managers, information architects, and writers who are using one or more of the technology solutions to manage their content and improve their processes.

Note that these five organizations are conference sponsors, helping us to offer a high-quality program and activities:

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For 25 years, Adobe’s award-winning software and technologies have redefined business, entertainment, and personal communications by providing a catalyst for moving ideas from concept through creation to delivery across any digital device. With a reputation for excellence and a portfolio of many of the most respected and recognizable software brands, Adobe is one of the world’s largest and most diversified software companies. One of the latest additions to this portfolio is Adobe’s Technical Communication Suite 3—an end-to-end solution for technical authoring and multichannel publishing needs. With its focus on innovation, Adobe continues to reinvent how the world creates, perceives, and engages with information.

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Comtech Services has been in the content management industry for more than 30 years—beginning with the development of information resources. Today, we work with you to help you handle the phenomenal growth in information resources. You need processes, Information Models, and structured information designs to organize and manage the thousands of images, pages of text, and other assets so that they are available to all your users, inside your organization and out. We help you structure your content so it meets the needs of your users, put processes in place that ensure your authors know how to meet the standards, and select and implement the best technology solution to support your requirements.

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IXIASOFT is a leading provider of XML content management software solutions to organizations worldwide. IXIASOFT offers the DITA CMS, a content management solution designed specifically for technical communicators to efficiently author, review, manage and publish DITA-based documentation. Key features of the DITA CMS include 100% DITA support, XML editor integration, DITA Map editor, advanced search, workflow, collaborative review, digital asset management, localization management and multi-format publishing capabilities. IXIASOFT also offers TEXTML Server, a native XML database used to store, index and retrieve large volumes of XML content. It is an embeddable component that has been integrated into various content management applications. IXIASOFT enjoys a global customer base in various vertical industries including newspaper & publishing, libraries & education, technical documentation, software and IT manufacturing.

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XMetaL® is the world’s leading XML content creation and collaboration solution, advancing the goals of globally focused, customer-driven organizations. XMetaL’s family of software and services enables your company to create, share, reuse, and deliver content more quickly and cost-effectively, across all customer channels, from sales, marketing, and customer service, to training and technical support. to learn how leading brands such as Cisco, Daimler Chrysler, HP, Kodak, Microsoft, Philips, RIM, Southwest Airlines, Sybase, Symantec, Texas Instruments, and USA Today use XMetaL to bring products and services to market faster, with greater accuracy, and at lower cost.

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SDL’s Structured Content Technologies division is the worldwide leader in Component Content Management (CCM) and Dynamic Publishing software that empowers global companies to easily create, share, manage and dynamically publish technical information that is tailored to the unique interests of their global customers. Leveraging XML standards, such as DITA and S1000D, SDL’s Structured Content technologies enable companies to keep pace with faster product release cycles, meet the growing expectations of content consumers” and drive down the costs of delivering information and products to global markets. SDL’s Structured Content technologies are in use by a wide variety of well-known companies in consumer electronics, mobile communications, high tech, life sciences, legal publishing, as well as government, aerospace and defense.


We appreciate the participation of 25 Exhibitors at CMS/DITA North America 2011:


Dr. JoAnn Hackos is the CIDM Director.