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February 2017
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Dawn Stevens, CIDM Director

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CIDM News and Events


CMS/DITA North America Conference
will be held April 24-26, 2017 in San Diego, California.

Upcoming Workshops

Developing a Web and Mobile Content Strategy
February 2-3, 2017
Hyvinkaa, Finland

DITA Basics—Online Course
Thursdays starting February 9, 2017
12pm-2pm EST, 6 weeks, 6 sessions

Applying Agile Management to Information Development
February 22-23, 2017
San Jose, California

Minimalism: Creating Information People Really Need
April 4-5, 2017
Strasbourg, France

Optimizing the DITA Authoring Experience—Online Course
Wednesdays starting May 3, 2017
12pm-2pm EDT, 6 weeks, 6 sessions

CIDM Webinars

Technical Documentation = Marketing
Presented by Berry Braster, Etteplan
February 22, 2017, 11am EST

Recorded webinars.

Other Webinars

QA’ing an XML Migration: What’s the Right Balance Between Automated and Visual QA
Presented by Naveh Greenberg, DCL
February 14, 2017, 1pm EST

Why is DITA So Hard?
Presented by Eliot Kimber, Contrext
February 28, 2017, 1pm EST

The Many-Headed Hydra of Branch Filtering: Rendering reused DITA topics to HTML with different filtering
Presented by Eliot Kimber, Contrext
March 21, 2017, 1pm EST

Into the Pipeline
Presented by Laura Dawson, Numerical Gurus
April 5, 2017, 1pm EST


Our next managers’ round table will be the 4th in series of discussions on the Information Process Maturity Model. Join us on Tuesday, February 14th at 12pm EST. To sign-up, contact Lovonya Thomas.

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More Announcements.

Leaving a Legacy

Dawn Stevens, Comtech Services, Inc.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my legacy, lately. What do I want people to remember me for? As we transition Comtech and CIDM from their founder, JoAnn Hackos, to my ownership and leadership, I’m well aware of the shoes I’m trying to fill, the footsteps I’m following in, and the legacy JoAnn has left behind.

Read the article.

DITA and Topic-Based writing: flip sides of the same coin?

Robert Gillespie, Nokia

DITA is often sold as a panacea for all content ills; Topic-Based Writing (TBW) as a philosophy for creating standalone chunks of content. Unsurprisingly, after DITA and TBW have been implemented, a common reaction is to wonder what went wrong. The promised land of perfectly crafted topics and customer-focused content sculptured perfectly according to a user’s real needs does not materialize. The problem is less with DITA/TBW, or even implementation planning, but an unrealistic expectation of what can be achieved. This expectation is often rooted in a misunderstanding about DITA/TBW themselves.

Read the article.

The Ultimate Guide to User-Friendly Manuals

Ferry Vermeulen, Instrktiv

Do you write user manuals or technical documentation? Do you often hear people emphasizing the importance of their user-friendliness?

But you hear it so often, that you actually do not know where to start looking for information about how to write user-friendly manuals yourself?

Read the article.

February 2017 Best Practices Newsletter
Table of Contents



Designing for Information as a Service Sherry Zhang, Huawei
Leaving a Legacy Dawn Stevens, CIDM
Keeping Track of Time JoAnn Hackos, Comtech Services
Evaluating Complexity JoAnn Hackos, Comtech Services
Rethinking the Relationship Between Tech Pubs and Engineering Richard Ackerman, Digabit, Inc.
Leveraging Skills and Knowledge on XML Technologies: Document automation at work Ricardo Eito-Brun, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
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