Ferry Vermeulen, Instrktiv

Do you write user manuals or technical documentation? Do you often hear people emphasizing the importance of their user-friendliness?

But you hear it so often, that you actually do not know where to start looking for information about how to write user-friendly manuals yourself?

User-friendliness in technical documentation is becoming more and more important. Also the user experience of products’ instructions is considered an important part of the customer journey.

Over the next couple months, I will provide an overview of the main topics to think of when writing user-friendly documentation. Below we look at how to use multimedia in your manual and how to translate for usability.

How to Use Multimedia in Your Manual

Using multimedia is a great way to effectively convey information on your product or service to your target audience. Different mediums can help you hold their attention for longer, and that means they retain what you’re telling them for a longer time. In addition, research shows that users find it enjoyable to get their knowledge through audiovisual means. The following links will provide you more insight into using multimedia for your user manual.

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How to Translate for Usability

Technical documents often have to be translated: products that are traded internationally have to come with manuals that are easily understandable. By setting the technical-translation process up well, you can ensure the quality of the technical translations, improve the UX, and cut translation costs. The following links will provide you more insight into user-centered translations.

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