Robert Phillips, Lasotell Pty Ltd.

Why are we still writing so many words and documents? I can best illustrate my point with these two videos:

Did you read any of the text about page flips?  Why?

Yes, sometimes we do need text, for (fill in the blank).

Do we need documents for more complicated pieces like sales proposals? Adobe and Terry White would argue that point.
Do we need documents explaining Acts/Bills/Laws of Parliament/Congress (depending where you live)?  As always, it depends on the point we want to make to which audience.  If we need the public to understand the intent and purpose of a new Act/Bill/Law/etc., consider the creativity in this summary of the US Affordable Care Act (ignoring the politics):

Surely a math subject from an MIT math graduate needs documentation?  Not necessarily the pre-printed kind – try at least the first two minutes of the following (but if you really want to assess this medium, watch the remaining ten minutes to see what you remember):

The challenge is not in deciding to use video and text or just video alone, but how creatively we can do it. (Sometimes we really do need text – for people who have to use screen readers.)

What is the single greatest advantage of the Amazon page flip video?  No translation!

Test #1:  What was the magic tool Terry White used to fill in the background when he deleted the horse and white parts of the Tower of London picture?

Test #2: Can you expand SOH CAH TOA into the three trig relationships?


Perhaps videos are worth considering for your future documentation needs…