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Volume 2, Issue 12
December 2002

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News & Events

Content Management: Strategies for Single Sourcing Conference presented by CIDM on April 28-29, 2003 with a post-conference workshop on April 30, 2003 in Arlington, VA.

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Upcoming Workshops
The CIDM sponsors the following workshops between January and July 2003. Sign up now:

User and Task Analysis for Information Design
Bill Hackos, PhD,
January 27-28, 2003, Austin, TX

XML for Writers
Tina Hedlund,
January 28-29, 2003, Dallas, TX
February 27-28, 2003, Jacksonville, FL

Structured Writing for Single Sourcing
JoAnn Hackos, PhD,
January 28-29, 2003, San Diego, CA
April 8-9, 2003, Indianapolis, IN

Developing Online Information for Help and Web-Based Delivery
JoAnn Hackos, PhD,
February 3-4, 2003, Longmont, CO
April 2-3, 2003, Portland, OR

Developing a Strategy for Minimalism: Creating Manuals People Will Use
JoAnn Hackos, PhD,
March 25-26, 2003, St. Paul, MN
May 13-14, 2003, Lexington, KY

Managing Your Documentation Projects
JoAnn Hackos, PhD
May 6-7, 2003, Boston, MA

Developing a Content-Management Strategy
JoAnn Hackos, PhD
July 15-16, 2003, Rochester, NY

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Oblivious Organizations and Content Management: Not Yet Ready for Prime Time
JoAnn Hackos, PhD
CIDM Director

Gert Kindergarten, marketing director at Hyperactive Software, has just returned from the KMWorld conference. He attended two sessions espousing the advantages of moving documents into a content-management system and using XML markup to enable reuse and repurposing. He announces to his staff that the company needs to “get into” content management right away for all its marketing and customer documents, especially the product manuals. His senior writer suggests calling in a consulting team to help.

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Terminology, Definitions, Usage, and Jargon
ROIs—Fact or Fiction?
PNG Update
Are You and Your People in the Right Job?

Content Management Strategies for Single Sourcing
Conference: April 28-29, 2003
Post-Conference Workshop: April 30, 2003

Mark your calendars! The Content-Management Strategies 2003 conference is April 28-29, 2003 in Arlington, Virginia.

Valentine's Special Registration

If you register for the conference by February 14, the cost is only $895 USD!

JoAnn Hackos and the Center for Information-Development Management invite you to join us in Arlington, Virginia for the definitive conference and workshop on content management and single sourcing.

Our speakers include industry expert consultants, tool developers, and people working on real content-management and single-sourcing projects. You’ll learn about providing usable information, the information model, planning for dynamic delivery and personalization, implementing industry standards, collaborative authoring for reuse, and ROI measurements, in addition to case studies from companies who have successfully implemented content management or single sourcing.

Learn industry best practices and the tools you’ll need to successfully implement content management or single sourcing in your organization!

Successful content management results in reduced cost and amazing ROIs. Learn how you can realize both for your company!

Take advantage of the opportunity to

  • meet and network with your peers
  • browse through our speaker-recommended books
  • check out exhibits by the most exciting content-management tool developers
  • discuss your needs with tool developers and industry experts

How to Plan and Implement a Single-Source Project

Learn tips and techniques for implementing your own single-source project. Industry recognized expert and consultant Dr. JoAnn Hackos will guide you through the necessary phases for single sourcing and content management.

This workshop outlines the steps to take in implementing your own single-source solution.

Registration Prices

Valentine’s Special
If you register for the conference by February 14,
the cost is only $895 USD!

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Conference Registration $1195 USD
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Terminology, Definitions, Usage, and Jargon
Bill Hackos, PhD
Vice President, Comtech Services, Inc.

During my recent consulting visits, I’ve found that people agonize over the definitions of terms. In my opinion, agonizing over definitions is a huge waste of time. Contributing to the confusion, many of us don’t properly distinguish among key terms (a definition problem itself). Let’s review what we mean by terminology, definitions, usage, and jargon. It’s important that we understand when each of these concepts is appropriate. Such an understanding could save a lot of time and confusion.

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ROIs—Fact or Fiction?

Ed Ness, the editor-in-chief of Integrated Solutions magazine, brings up a valuable point about Return on Investment (ROI). Could the case be, as he suggests, that sometimes the best justification for a project is based on intuition and common sense? Other than the trusted metric of comparing current costs against anticipated savings, in some cases ROI is hard to project. Ness’s examples revolve around costly and error-prone manual processes that in the end might be able to conger up some type of ROI. But what ends up being obvious, even without an elaborate ROI, is that the project needs to be done, and now. Typically, the projects that are hard to calculate require more attention. Ness says, “This is not a call to strike ROI from your thinking… but, in some cases, ROI needs to be put in a different context. It might not always be clean. That doesn’t mean you won’t realize an ROI.”

Your Metrics Are Misleading
Ed Ness
Integrated Solutions
December 2002

PNG Update
Robert N. Phillips
CEO, Lasotell Pty Ltd.

In the October CIDM e-newsletter, I reported on the benefits of using the PNG format for graphics in most situations. Since then, however, I have found that Internet Explorer 5.5 does not always properly display graphics in PNG format. So we have had to revert to GIF or JPEG format for graphics on our Web pages.

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Are You and Your People in the Right Job?
Vesa Purho
Development Manager, Nokia
Year’s end is a good time to evaluate whether you are actually in a job that suits your skills and talents, and if not, to determine what you or your manager can do about it. Recently, I attended a webcast seminar that was part of the 2002 Linkage Excellence in Management & Leadership series. In that webcast, Marcus Buckingham from Gallup discussed discovering your strengths; he raised some very interesting ideas.

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