Robert N. Phillips
CEO, Lasotell Pty Ltd.

In the October CIDM e-newsletter, I reported on the benefits of using the PNG format for graphics in most situations. Since then, however, I have found that Internet Explorer 5.5 does not always properly display graphics in PNG format. So we have had to revert to GIF or JPEG format for graphics on our Web pages.

If you would like to test your browser’s ability to handle graphics in PNG format, visit

An article in the Australian PC User magazine, Collector’s Edition for 2002, points out that the PNG format is still ahead of its time. PNG has many advantages over GIF and JPEG (more colour information than current monitors can handle, lossless compression, and variable resolution). Why it has not become the universal standard is still a mystery.

Despite the obvious slowness of the masses in recognising a good thing, we continue to use PNG as our standard for all graphic work, with the exception of the Internet, and bless the reduced file sizes and stability it brings to MSWord.