Bill Hackos, Comtech Services, Inc.

 Since its inception, CIDM has worked to create networking and dialog among CIDM members and also across the information-development discipline. JoAnn has written 5 books through her publisher, Wiley and Sons, Inc. Comtech has also self-published tutorials in the use of DITA and in the Arbortext Editor. We also publish a monthly e-newsletter and a bimonthly hard-copy newsletter.

While we intend to continue all of these activities, we have felt the need for a less formal platform in which we can present our ideas and those of our colleagues whenever they present themselves. We have decided to initiate a CIDM blog where we and our colleagues can present ideas informally and receive rapid feedback.

You can find the CIDM Blog at It is patterned after the New York Times blog site. But instead of having a thread for each columnist, we have suggested a few threads. Each thread will have content from a number of Comtech consultants as well as others in technical communication who would like to submit content. Our initial set of subject areas will include

  • technical-communication management
  • DITA
  • tools
  • metrics
  • writing green

We expect that much of the content on the blog will be from JoAnn, Bill, and other Comtech staff. We will also be soliciting content from others outside of CIDM and Comtech. If you have some ideas you would like to present on the blog, contact me or anyone else at Comtech. Blog content submissions are by invitation only. All submissions will be screened but not edited by CIDM. We ask that submissions not be used for product or service advertising or personal attacks. Anyone may add a comment to a submission at any time. Comments will also be screened for appropriateness before being published on the blog.

JoAnn and I are excited about having a venue to present the many ideas that we and our customers and colleagues come upon without having to wait for a more formal presentation. As you know, most of the above topics have long been of interest to CIDM members.

We are excited about looking into how the information-development community can do its part to help the environment and fight global warming. We invite you to visit our first entry on the blog, writing green.

As mentioned above, contributors to the blog will be by invitation only, but any blog reader may comment on the individual blogs. To comment on the blog, simply click on the ‘Add new comment’ link under each blog. Once you have commented on the blog, a member from Comtech Services, Inc. will review the comment for appropriate content and post the comment.

We will be emailing invitations to members of the CIDM community to write for the blog within the next few weeks. If you are selected to contribute to the blog, you will receive an email with login instructions and permission to contribute topics to the blog.

We look forward to your contributions. Happy blogging!