Tina Hedlund
Senior Consultant, Comtech Services, Inc.

With Cardiff’s product, AudienceOne, companies like Nortel Networks, Lexmark, and Adobe are able to deliver customized information in PDF format immediately over the Web.

Historically, marketing departments like those at Nortel Networks, Lexmark, and Adobe, used AudienceOne to deliver customized marketing materials in PDF format. One of the biggest obstacles these departments faced, though, was delivering the right content on time, if at all. (An online polling firm estimates that 45% of requests for information via the Web are never answered.) Recently, companies like Canon have begun to use AudienceOne to deliver customized solutions documentation in PDF format.

From a Web form, their users select the products and information they are interested in. This information is sent to the AudienceOne Personalization Server, which generates a customized PDF containing all the information the user requested. The information is concatenated and paginated, a table of contents is generated automatically, and the information delivered to the user on the spot. Further customization can occur through the Personalization Server’s native support of XML and variable content.

Costing approximately $25,000 per server out of the box, AudienceOne is a low-cost, if less-powerful alternative to full-scale XML delivery and a possible interim solution to customized Web delivery for those delivering PDF documents via the Web.