The Center for Information-Development Management and Data Conversion Laboratory announce our 2014 annual survey on upcoming trends in the digital content industry. The initiative continues the partnership between CIDM and DCL to report on the latest industry developments and get a clear understanding of challenges faced by enterprises.

Complete the survey at:—by March 30, 2014 and be entered to win a $100 American Express Gift Card.

The results of the 2013 CIDM-DCL survey revealed challenges and opportunities for information-development managers and their teams. As consumer demand for new types of content and delivery systems grew, certain organizations felt unready to face the necessary tasks ahead. Information technology departments reported reluctance on the part of senior management to provide the funding and time needed, and that a lot of content was not meeting new demands. The knowledge and skills to innovate and modernize, however, remained with managers, information architects, and writers. Of the 229 members and colleagues surveyed, respondents reported difficulty in moving their practices to focus on electronic delivery of content.

  • 53% needed support from technology experts to get the work done
  • 51% needed the support of senior management and must develop strong business reasons for change
  • 43% felt they need to convince their own team members that change is necessary
  • 23% needed outside expertise to help them successfully implement change in their content delivery methods

The 2014 joint survey, “Following the Trends—Is Your Content Ready?” will shift its lens to the increasing complexity of delivering content as more outlets become available to consumers. Deciphering how changing trends affect business and how to innovate accordingly is an important issue facing many organizations. The combined results of the March 2013 and 2014 surveys will shed much needed light on how the changing requirements for delivery are affecting businesses today, and how companies can anticipate their maneuvers in the next few years. The results will be revealed at the Content Management Strategies/DITA North America Conference, April 28-30, 2014.

Most importantly, we are interested in how you are finding, facing, and reacting to these challenges.

Your participation is essential and much appreciated.