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The 1994 bestselling classic, Managing Your Documentation Projects, set the industry standard for technical documentation project management. However, since then, much has changed in the world of information development. The field of technical communication is making an important move from book-based architectures to topic-based architectures delivered in various media. Topic-based architectures require changes in the organization of staff into collaborative teams rather than work-alone content authors. These teams now rely on new technologies, including content management databases and XML-based authoring systems, to produce multiple deliverables from a reusable set of content. Information Development: Managing Documentation Projects, Portfolio, and People (Wiley Publishing; January 2007; $50.00) focuses on the rapidly changing technologies of the 21st century and addresses how to introduce agile information development without neglecting the central focus of planning information design and development around the needs of information users.

Written by JoAnn Hackos, who originally established standard practices for technical documentation management that are now taught in more than 120 degree programs, this new title creates a new approach to deal with major changes since her 1994 classic was first published. She outlines updated standards for the complete documentation lifecycle, from project planning and design to production and QA. Information-development managers are expected to reduce costs and project time, do more work with fewer resources and less money, and increase the value of the information delivered. Recognizing this, Hackos has carefully designed Information Development to help them do precisely those tasks. She helps managers make strategic decisions about information development and directs the discussion of project management toward smarter decision-making. This book covers current industry practices as well as supporting technologies, including

  • Topic-based architectures
  • Content management databases
  • XML-based authoring tools
  • Lean and agile development methods
  • Multiple delivery of content, including print, web, and help systems

Information Development offers a new look at best practices for all phases of the document-development lifecycle, from managing a corporate information portfolio and evaluating process maturity to developing team effectiveness and evaluating project performance. The companion Website includes electronic versions of the templates and checklists featured in the book. As the successor to Managing Your Documentation Projects, this title will appeal to managers who plan the development of technical information, technical writers, and project managers, as well as students in degree and non-degree training programs.

About the Author

JoAnn T. Hackos, PhD, is President of Comtech Services and director of the Center for Information-Development Management. She is also the author of Content Management for Dynamic Web Delivery (Wiley), Managing Your Documentation Projects (Wiley),Standards for Online Communication (Wiley), and User and Task Analysis for Interface Design (Wiley).


Information Development: Managing Your Documentation Projects, Portfolio, and People
Published by Wiley Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: January 15, 2007
$50.00; Paperback; 624 pages; ISBN: 0-471-77711-0