JoAnn Hackos, Comtech Services, Inc.


We’ve been considering a Blog for some time as a supplement to the CIDM Best Practices listserv. The Blog now in place at makes it easier for everyone to find interesting topics and add their own comments.

We’ll be carefully monitoring those who register to add comments to the Blog so that we avoid Spammers.

At present, you’ll find topics about

  • What makes minimalism so popular today?
  • Writing Green
  • Issues with topic-based environment
  • Where in the organization does tech pubs belong?

You can comment on these topics or request an OK to add a new topic of your own.

We’re also going to place previous threads from the listserv onto the blog to add to the content and make it more valuable.

You can request the RSS Feed for the blog site so that you are notified whenever someone adds a topic or comment.

Please take a few minutes to visit and add your two cents to the discussions.

We hope you enjoy and profit from this new CIDM member service.