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Volume 9, Issue 1
January 2009

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CIDM News and Events


The CMS/DITA North America Conference 2009 will be held April 27-29 in St. Petersburg, FL. To register for this event click here.

News & Events

Vasont Systems named to EContent Magazine’s 2008 EContent 100 List

Vasont Systems, a leading provider of content management software and data services, announces its selection by EContent Magazine to the content management category of the 2008-2009 EContent 100 list. According to EContent Magazine, the EC100 “highlights the most important companies in the digital content arena.” This is the fourth year that EContent’s judges chose Vasont Systems for this award.

nSight Offers Complimentary Technical Documentation Review to Show Advantages of Structured Writing

nSight Inc., a technical and educational content development and publishing services firm, announces that it is offering a complimentary review of technical documentation to demonstrate the advantages of using a structured writing approach to producing product information.

ASTD TechKnowledge® 2009

ASTD TechKnowledge® has provided attendees with the latest information, best practices, and learning technology resources available. Experienced practitioners, and an EXPO full of leading suppliers provide tangible results that can be implemented immediately upon returning to work.

Global Information Management Thought Leadership Conference

Join SDL Technologies at the London Art House on Thursday 5th February 2009 where you will learn from leading global companies as they share their product localization experiences. You will hear the challenges that they faced supporting their global markets, how they addressed their multilingual content requirements by adopting a Global Information Management technology solution, and the business benefits that they have achieved as a result.

Open Source Singapore Pacific-Asia Conference & Expo 2009 (OSSPAC)

The Open Source Singapore-Pacific-Asia Conference and Expo (OSSPAC) will be the seminal event, where the best and brightest developers, executives, and visionaries will gather to set the future course of Open Source across the region.

Web Content 2009 Tampa Bay

Web Content Tampa Bay brings together nationally-recognized technology, design, content, and marketing authorities to explore “The Impact of Social Media on Web Marketing Strategy.” Presenters will demystify social media technologies, and examine standards, methods, tools, and best practices that impact web content professionals.

Content Management Strategies/DITA North America 2009

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Responses to the Global Economic Downturn: Report on the CIDM Economic Downturn Survey—Dec 2008
JoAnn Hackos, Comtech Services, Inc.

In early December 2008, CIDM once again conducted our economic survey, concerned that the global economic recession was adversely affecting CIDM membership and technical publications professionals in general. Responding to the survey were 526 individuals, many of whom added individual comments where appropriate.

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More articles

Structured Content: The New CRM?
Bruce Sharpe, JustSystems

Structured content offers clear benefits for the enterprise at large. But to reap those benefits, we need to step back and look at the big picture.

I see an interesting evolution and adoption cycle associated with structured content technologies and approaches. What started as a way to improve the productivity of a core group of full-time writers—the technical publications people—has evolved into something with a much broader impact. Structured content has become a cornerstone for new ways of communicating with customers and partners.

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Turnover in India
Originally published by Training Magazine
By Margery Weinstein

Either you’re outsourcing to India, your company is considering expanding there, or maybe you just fear a bustling India-based company as a new competitor. One way or the other, India is on the minds of companies worldwide these days. But new research from Right Management and faculty at the Villanova School of Business reveals that employee turnover levels as high as 100 percent in some industries is the largest workforce challenge hindering performance for organizations operating in India. Based on feedback from 4,800 employees, a major cause for such extreme turnover is that managers lack the fundamental skills necessary to effectively lead and engage their teams. Here are some of the survey’s other major findings…

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