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January 2014

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CIDM News and Events

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CMS14icon The CMS/DITA North America Conference 2014 will be held April 28-30 in Seattle, Washington. For more information click here.

BPC14 The Best Practices Conference 2014 will be held September 22-24 in Stevenson, Washington. For more information click here.

Upcoming Workshops

Web and Mobile Strategies for DITA
January 21-22, 2014
San Jose, California

As DITA comes to full maturity, organizations seek publishing solutions that are more robust than PDFs and static HTML. They seek robust solutions that deliver interactive content to the web, mobile devices, and e-readers. In this workshop, Comtech instructors present the principles of Webhelp and Mobile deliverables.

Developing a Content-Management Strategy
February 11-12, 2014
Newberg, Oregon

In this workshop, we’ll examine the issues involved in creating documentation databases. We’ll discuss the impact of single sourcing on department organization, project management, training, writing style, document control, editing, and translation. We’ll review some of the tools available and look at both their strengths and their shortcomings.

User and Task Analysis for Information Design
February 26-27, 2014
Santa Clara, California

This workshop focuses on practical techniques to learn about your users, their goals, and their work, and create a model that will serve as a decision-making tool throughout the life-cycle of your project or product.

Upcoming Webinars

The Freedom to Grow: How Standards in Communication Facilitate Our Industry

Presented by Noz Urbina, Urbina Consulting
January 16, 2014, 1pm EDT

Fluid TOPICS presentation

Presented by antidot
January 30, 2014, 11am EDT

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CIDM’s Social Media Study

Data Conversion Laboratory Announces Agreement with U.S. Copyright Office to be its first Agent for Deposit for eSerials

RSuite CMS 4 Now Powered By MarkLogic 7

Data Conversion Laboratory Named to EContent Top 100 List for Third Consecutive Year

TransPerfect Merges with Vasont Systems

Kumar Vora Joins Acrolinx as CEO, Opens New US Headquarters in Silicon Valley

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Building a Helping Culture
JoAnn Hackos, Comtech Services, Inc.

Creating a truly collaborative environment in your organization is no easy task, but we can learn from the experience at the design firm, IDEO, in building a “culture of helping.” In the January-February 2014 Harvard Business Review, Teresa Amabile, Colin Fisher, and Julianna Pillemer report on the study they conducted of the unique helping culture fostered at IDEO.

Read the article.

Being Loyal to Your Customers Pays
Gerry McGovern, Customer Carewords

Organizations need to be loyal to their customers if they want their customers to be loyal to them.

“Companies are adept at chasing new customers while watching the churn,” Keith Pearce, Vice President, Solutions Marketing at Genesys states. “Why else would they spend around $500B on advertising and acquiring new customers, $50B on CRM spend, and just $9B on the call centre (Ovum)? They offer new customers price incentives, free service, unlimited this and that, while often leaving existing customers on the receiving end of poor customer service—and so the churn continues.”

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Pardon the Imposition . . . .
Step up when documentation doesn’t determine the tool

Chris Bridgen, Alcatel-Lucent

Integrating a new software tool into the workplace can be fun, right? Smartphone in hand, you get to read breathless product reviews over lunch. Then you begin more pointed research. If you’re lucky, off you go to a conference or expo (maybe CIDM’s spring conference), followed by a lot of demo version installations and playing in a dozen sandboxes, all while plastering sticky notes over your calendar to keep those 10-, 15-, and 30-day trials in neat order.

Read the article.

Terminology Management Helps Life Sciences Companies Meet Global Regulatory Requirements
Carl Yao, CSOFT International Ltd.

As one of the most highly controlled industries in the world, the Life Sciences industry is swathed in regulations regarding industry and international standards compliance. Highly enforced to both uphold quality practices and ensure the safety of millions of customers worldwide, these regulations are a fundamental component of the health and sustainability for people as well as industry.

Read the article.

Now For Sale: e-version of Introduction to DITA: A Guide to the Darwin Information Typing Architecture—Second Edition
This 2013 electronic edition of the bestselling Introduction to DITA includes DITA 1.2 mechanisms, including keyref, conkeyref, constraint mechanism, and more information to bring DITA users up to date. The tutorial lessons guide you step-by-step through the learning process from developing information topics and maps through content reuse mechanisms and modifying the DITA environment to better meet your needs. Buy the e-version today and download immediately!

Welcome New CIDM Member—Mekon

Founded in 1990, Mekon are leading consultants and systems integrators. We are focused on increasing the effectiveness of your content creation, management and delivery. Faced with insufficient staff and ever increasing demand for output, organisations today often require some support to ensure project success. That support should incorporate best practice, risk management and customer- and ROI-led planning. Mekon provide a well-defined, end-to-end methodology and service that balances strategic guidance and training with the technical capabilities to make a solution a reality.

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