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Volume 8, Issue 7
July 2008

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CIDM News and Events


The Best Practices Conference 2008 will be held September 15-17 in Santa Fe,New Mexico. For more information, please click here.

The DITA Europe Conference 2008 will be held November 17-18 in Munich, Germany. CIDM is currently calling for speakersand exhibitors for this event.

News & Events

JoAnn Hackos at the 2008 PTC User Conference

Click here to read the Pro/E Community highlights of JoAnn’s recent visit to Long Beach, CA.

How do users retrieve and use technical information, and what delivery media best support those approaches?

BMC cordially invites you to participate in a discussion about how today’s users retrieve and use the technical content that supports our products and solutions. The objective of this session is to draw some useful conclusions about the best delivery media and publication mechanism we can develop to support the changing needs of today’s users.

To read more about this event click here.

Speed of issue: Eurocopter moves to XML-based service bulletins

Formerly outsourced to subcontractors, the production of maintenance service bulletins at Marignane, France-headquartered Eurocopter—a subsidiary of aerospace giant EADS—has been taken back in-house. Using the XML structured authoring tool XMetaL from JustSystems, the project is delivering cost savings, productivity improvements, and technical publications of a higher quality.

To read the article click here. Announces DocZone Lite

Affordable New SaaS Environment for XML Authoring, Content Management, and Single-Source Publishing, Based on Alfresco Open Source CMS Platform.

Read the press release.

TAUS Data Association Incorporated by Group of 40 Founding Members

Forty organizations active in buying and supplying translation services and technologies have jointly established a new industry association aimed at sharing parallel language data with the objective to stimulate innovation and automation of translation activities.

Read the press release.

CIDM is accepting submissions for the Fifth Annual Rare Bird Award
Are you currently engaging in an innovative practice that is pleasing your customers? Have you instituted an innovative best practice that increases your efficiency and productivity?

Click here to submit your Best Practice for consideration.
The submission deadline is July 21.

The Arbortext Edition ofIntroduction to DITA: A User Guide to the Darwin Information Typing Architecture has arrived! Buy your copy today!

A Winning Culture—Does your department have one?
JoAnn Hackos, PhD, Comtech Services, Inc.

In a January 2008 article in the Harvard Management Update, authors Paul Meehan, Darrell Rigby, and Paul Rogers offer a challenge to managers.

“Strategy matters, sure. But without a winning culture to drive it forward, your strategy’s taking you nowhere.”

Read the article.

More articles


Don’t Let Web 2.0 Ruin Your Web Site or Online Marketing
Robert Rose, CrownPeak Technology

I think we can all agree that, at this point, the term “Web 2.0” is overhyped. In fact, I haven’t seen this much hype since the last time Brad and Angelina decided to adopt.

As digital marketers, we’re being told that we need to (by tomorrow’s close of business) develop the corporate blog, produce a podcast, provide mechanisms to rate our content, accept user comments on the web site and create the new mashup of digg/YouTube/ and wrap it all in Ajax. And, these days, we can be in such a hurry to implement these new technologies that we forget the fact that they should actually serve some function. In other words, we spend all our time getting the house ready for the party, and we forget to send the invitations.

Read the article.

Planning and Executing Portal Content Migration
Nick Nylund, Project Performance Corporation

The design and structure of portal systems for intranets and extranets is fundamentally changing. Organizations are moving away from what has traditionally been managed in “verticals” by department or business areas to a more cohesive enterprise approach. New technology allows organizations to categorize information in a more flexible manner to better serve their employees and customers. To leverage these new designs and technologies, content may need to be migrated from an old system to a new one. If planned for properly, these efforts can result in added benefits to organizations through the improved quality, tagging, and management of the content being migrated. I recommend the following steps to ensure that your process is efficient and effective.

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