Importance of High Quality Technical Information

Dear Friends,

The Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM) and IBM are proposing a project survey titled, “Importance of High Quality Technical Information”. This survey was inspired by the 2008 CIDM presentation that Microsoft shared called “Content and the Bottom Line: Defining the business value of your publications” and was created to measure the value of technical content from the clients’ perspective and to understand how providing quality technical information affects purchase decisions. IBM has already posted a survey on the Web: We would like to invite you to do the same and share the data you accumulate to provide a broader industry view on the subject.

Jana Jenkins, Manager, World-Wide Information Development Community and Standards for IBM will be gathering the data and providing a summary of the results at the upcoming CIDM Best Practices Conference in September. Specific company names will be kept confidential and presented only as Company A, B, C, and so on. We have also attached a PDF (32KB) of the survey to this note.

Consider using your company survey tool or use one of the free survey tools offered from the web to create your survey and track the results.

After you have created and posted your survey, you will want to advertise its existence and encourage your clients to respond. Using the various social media available to you and your employees can help, for example, Twitter accounts, blogs, wikis, and so on. Contact your client advocates or champions and let them know about the survey and the information you are trying to gather. Let them help you advertise and invite clients to the site. Upcoming client conferences are another great way to spread the word.

CIDM and IBM are very excited about this opportunity to collaborate across the industry and gather information that is pertinent and important to all of us. If you are interested in participating, please let me JoAnn ( and Jana Jenkins ( know that you are going to post a survey and collect information. Please send your data to Jana Jenkins ( by Monday, August 16th, to give her time to evaluate and assemble the data in time for the conference.

Best regards,