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At the 2000 New Managers’ Conference, Brad LaBroad commented upon how a manager should handle downsizing an organization. His comments are even more apropos in June than they were last August when we were just beginning to experience the effects of the economic slowdown.

Brad cautions managers to tell the truth, at least to the extent possible given company security requirements. Understand that you must deal with the trauma experienced by the people remaining. Recognize the stages:

Shock … Denial … Resistance … Searching … Solution

For the people remaining, give them as much information as you can and as quickly as possible. Enlist support from your Human Resources organizations. They may have trained facilitators who can provide assistance for you and your staff. Acknowledge the reasons for the downsizing and support the decisions to your staff, even if you might not agree with them yourself. Remember that you represent management. Your levelheadedness and calm will be appreciated in the long run and help your staff reach a new equilibrium.