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Volume 5, Issue 6
June 2005

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Best Practices conference 2005

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DITA Becomes an OASIS Standard

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Upcoming Workshops

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XML for Writers
Jen Linton,
June 15–16
San Jose, CA

Structured Writing for Single Sourcing
JoAnn Hackos, PhD,
July 7–8
Gatineau, Quebec

XML for Writers
Jen Linton,
July 26–27
Atlanta, GA

Developing a Content-Management Strategy
JoAnn Hackos, PhD,
August 11–12
San Diego, CA

Managing Your Documentation Projects
Bill Hackos, PhD,
September 20–21
Raleigh, NC

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WebWorks ePublisher Pro for Word

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Innodata Isogen News Release

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Quality is Essential
JoAnn Hackos, PhD
CIDM Director

This is the third article in an eight-part series. The April 2005 article focused on the importance of estimating. The May 2005 article discussed the importance of planning. Now we look at the role of quality assurance in building customer-focused communication.

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More articles
Topic-based Authoring—Michelle Corbin and Jana Jenkins
What to Do When You’re Being Undermined?—Julie Bradbury
Dear Gabby—Beth Barrow

Table of Contents—June 2005 Best Practices Newsletter



From the Director

JoAnn Hackos, PhD

Do We Manage Information Efficiently

Henry Korman, WordPlay Consulting

Embedded Knowledge—A Nurnberg Funnel

Susan Harkus, Independent Consultant

Section 508: Making Technical Publications Accessible

Judy Kessler, Sybase, Inc.

In Their Own Words

Michael J. Miller, PhD, LearnSpire, LLC

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Topic-based Authoring: It’s Not All About the Technology
Michelle Corbin and Jana Jenkins
IBM Corporation

In the past decade, information development teams in companies of all sizes have started to deliver most of their product information as Web-based, topic-based information. As printing costs rise for both the companies that produce a particular product and those that use that product, and as users become more comfortable with online information (from searching and reading information on the Internet), this type of information has become a required, and critical, information deliverable.

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What to Do When You’re Being Undermined?
Julie Bradbury
Management Consultant

Management is a lonely occupation and it seems loneliest when you know that your leadership is being undermined. Let’s say that you’ve found out that hard won agreements are being ignored, standards not followed, or foot dragging is slowing progress on innovations. While not everyday situations, you realize they can cause needless damage to productivity, products, and morale. You also know that your group and company are likely to pay a price for this behavior. You are uniquely positioned to turn things around, but it takes focus and effort.

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Dear Gabby
Beth Barrow

Ever have to pick up the pieces in somebody else’s absence? It’s a difficult task at best, but sometimes true performance issues are uncovered during unexpected handoffs. Perplexed in Pennsylvania discusses his situation. Read the case study and register your opinion by sending your vote to Lisa Finger. Voting results and Dear Gabby’s reply will be published in the next enewsletter.

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