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In This Issue

How to Manage for the Slowdown
CIDM Survey–Single Sourcing
Delivering Training and Content Over the Network

Industry News

Writing a Business Plan and Making a Business Case
Information Architecture Tools
Telecommuting to Promote Work/Life Balance

Tool Talk

Verity’s Portal One

News From Down Under

Corralling Cats and Beating the Bean Counters

From the Continent

Small Screens, Big Problems?

SingleSource 2001: Content Management and Re-use Strategies
Upcoming Workshops


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The Center for Information-Development Management

The Center for Information-Development Management is an organization of information-development, training, and support managers across the United States and internationally. The CIDM is directed by Dr. JoAnn Hackos, international leader in the management of the design, development, and dissemination of information to customers and employees. Under her leadership, the CIDM conducts benchmark studies among member organizations and elsewhere, sponsors research into information development and its management, gathers and disseminates results and resources through newsletters, Web, seminars, an annual conference, and research white papers. The CIDM facilitates the sharing of information among the most skilled managers in the information industry.

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