Tina Hedlund
Comtech Services, Inc.

The law firm of Holland and Hart not only needed a way to provide access to information in multiple repositories from their intranet, they also needed security features to ensure only those with the correct permissions could see certain files, robust search facilities based on full-text and document metadata, and the ability to see search hits on the relevant page of what could be a 600-page document (rather than downloading an entire file to determine if it contained the correct information). Holland and Hart found that functionality in Verity’s new offering, Portal One (the cost of the product starts at $65,000).

Portal One provides access to information in multiple repositories based on predetermined rules that allow only users with the proper permissions to access certain information. In addition to providing access to information, Portal One also converts documents (including PDF, Word, and PowerPoint) into HTML and can automatically generate a table of contents, which Holland and Hart found to be the best feature of the product. After performing a search, the firm now has the ability to look at the relevant page of a search hit without having to download a large 600-page PDF file to determine if they have found the document they want.

NASD, the parent company of the NASDAQ Stock Market and the American Stock Exchange, also uses Portal One to give employees easier access to their distributed intranet. NASD found that their intranet had been set up without proper consideration of the business needs and processes that would arise over time. With Portal One’s Intelligent Classification, NASD has been able to re-organize their information to support their current business needs and objectives, in addition to providing access to that information.

Because Verity Portal One is a relatively new entry into the portal industry, the product is not as stable as some similar products on the market, but it does boast a long and strong history in the search industry.