Writing a Business Plan and Making a Business Case

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Tina Hedlund
Comtech Services, Inc.

“In business, ideas are cheap. Everyone’s got one. What counts is execution,” Tim Barkow points out in his article, What’s a Business Plan?, for WebReview.com. Tim’s solution to making your ideas stand out to management is a business plan. With information carefully detailing how an idea can fulfill a customer’s need and financial data detailing the cost, a business plan can be a powerful tool to move beyond the idea stage into implementation.

If the idea of creating a business plan sounds too difficult or time-consuming, be sure to also read the new regular feature, “Making a Business Case,” in the Best Practices newsletter. The first feature in the series is “Making a Business Case for Single Sourcing,” which details many of the issues you should begin addressing if you are interested in moving to a single-sourcing content management strategy. Other upcoming topics will include making a business case for

  • CIDM membership
  • Benchmark participation
  • centralized documentation departments
  • and many more

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