Jaap van der Meer, TAUS Data Association

In July 2008 the TAUS Data Association (TDA) was established by 47 founding members representing some of the largest buyers of localization services, language service providers, and technology companies. TDA is a not-for-profit member organization bringing together the translation memories and terminology of the global translation industry. The resulting Language Data Exchange Portal is a high quality, open, and secure language database for the benefit of all.

We work on the basis of reciprocity; you store translation memories in the platform and in return get access to the language data of the wider industry.

The data is organized by industry domain, company, product line, and language pairs,
enabling members to conveniently search and retrieve memories and glossaries whether they want to research terminology, access specific language sets, or train machine translation engines.

Drive industry growth

TDA represents a fundamental change in the way translation and localization business is being managed.

TDA gives the buyer open and equal access to language resources, resulting in a greater choice when selecting translation partners and it gives translation companies more opportunities to win new business and improve their service to existing clients.

Industry-wide cooperation means we can all benefit from reduced technology and terminology management costs, increased translation speed, harmonization of terminology, and the chance to translate material that would otherwise not be translated.

Innovators and entrepreneurs now have the potential to access a giant language database to customize and train machine translation engines to create unprecedented levels of growth across the industry.

We believe that increasing the capacity, size, and significance of the translation industry by combining the power of automated solutions with the craftsmanship of professional translators, will help commerce and society to communicate better, fuelling economic and human prosperity.

Easy to use and secure environment

The Language Data Exchange Portal is hosted by one of the largest data warehousing companies in the world, ensuring secure and easy use of the platform.

  • language data organized by industry domain, company, product line, and language pair
  • trusted sources with the ability to check the identity of the member providing the data
  • unique data with replication filtered out
  • quality controls such as integrity, language identifier, and formal linguistic checks
  • quality scores based on members’ self assessments and standard linguistic quality metrics
  • the TMX industry standard format to ensure maximum interoperability
  • independent and secure data storage with fast and reliable access 24/7

The next release will include a web services interface with support offered to solution
and technology providers to develop value added services and tools.

Membership is available in a variety of options

Membership is available to everyone who believes the future of the internationalization
and localization industry is brightest when we all work together to unlock the power of machine translation and combine this with the craftsmanship of professional translators.

Special and corporate members are likely to be large buyers and providers. Special members will want to guide the TDA growth strategy. Regular members are likely to generate or spend below one million US dollars/euros each year from/on translation.

Associate membership allows individuals to join with the backing of an industry association, which is a special, corporate, or regular member. Professional membership is for individual consultants or translators. Academic membership is for universities and their associated research institutes.

The Founding Members:

AAC Global, ABBYY, Abu Ghazaleh Legal Translations, Adobe, All Task Technical Translations, Amesto, Autodesk, Avocent, C&M Localization, Celer Soluciones, Cisco Systems, CLS Communication, Cross Language, Dell, eBay, Elanex, EMC, Intel, Jonckers, KCSL, Language Intelligence, Language Weaver, Linguistic Systems, Lionbridge, Logrus, Matrixware, McAfee, Microsoft, Milengo, Molina Healthcare, Moravia Worldwide, Morphologic, Multicorpora, Oracle, Pangeanic, Prolingua, ProMT, Proz.com, PTC, SDL, Skrivanek, Sun Microsystems, Sybase iAnywhere, Tilde, Vialanguage, Vistatec, Welocalize

More information on www.tausdata.org