In JoAnn Hackos’s e-Standards workshop, we’ve been alerting people about the new federal requirements on the accessibility of Web sites to the visually impaired. One of the best sources of information is at the W3C.

Nearly every company is impacted by the new requirements because we all sell to the federal government, albeit indirectly at times. More information about the federal requirements

Also, “Equality of Access,” an article in the March/April 2001 issue of Technicalities, the newsletter of the Rocky Mountain STC Chapter, outlined some suggestions and additional resources for making Web sites accessible.

One significant suggestion, yet an easy one to carry out, is to use the alt attribute to describe the purpose of any graphics on your Web site. Graphics are often very significant to the functionality of a Web site, and visually impaired users may be missing out on this important element. Using the alt attribute allows you to provide equal access to your Web site for all users.

The article provided the following additional resources:

  • Microsoft’s Accessible Web Design Guidelines