The Environment, designed by Ecosystems, is an XML-based content management system that combines Chrystal Astoria’s central repository and Ecosystems’ core technology, LiveOutline. LiveOutline allows editors and developers to work at the component level of a document in real time, promoting efficiency, accuracy, and a consistent document structure.

Customers, like the Clarinda Company, a composition house, and the Education Services group at Sun Microsystems, have found that they can use The Environment to bring an efficient, less complex editorial and publication process to their clients and employees who are delivering information in multiple media.

The Environment can be installed alongside any existing Astoria or Eclipse system, and Ecosystems plans to write interfaces to other repositories, like Documentum. Also, Chrystal has agreed to resell The Environment and offer upgrades for Astoria and Eclipse. The Environment supports Windows 95, 98, 2000, and NT and Sun Microsystems operating systems version 7.

You can also read a profile, “Ecosystems’ “The Environment”: Product Development Interface for XML Content Management,” in the Seybold Report on Internet Publishing Volume 5, Number 6, February 2001.